Firestorm Planetfall & Armada June releases.

The latest release just hit my inbox from Spartan games.

My focus will be on their Armada & Planetfall releases with them being my main money sink at the moment. 

Some interesting stuff, especially the Invasion booklet....

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First up, lets deal with the Planetfall releases:

Starting with the Rense System Navy Assault Helix, this now means that those Dindrenzi players finally have a Natural Ally that they can take, and it also opens up these guys to all the other Zenian league players.

Playing directorate myself, I can see me getting a box of these, I mean it has Giant robots, which can never be a bad thing.

I have also heard about how massive the Temple building is, and I do love a good piece of resin! 
Secondly we have the Verdyth (ignore the RSN mention in the bottom right).

The Verdyth are natural allies to the Sorylians, and provides the Kurak Alliance with their very own Assault Helix as well.

Not quite as impressed with these models, although it certainly looks like a decent armoured column! 

Firestorm (and a little bit of Planetfall!)

So the sets listed below contain a booklet that gives some guidance on how to link your Firestorm and Planetfall games into a bit of a campaign. 

No idea whats contained in this at the moment, but I have high hopes for some interesting tidbits, and an easy to pick up campaign system!

I like that this is included free in the box set with the models that can actually carry your troops. 

As your can see above the main Armada fleet that I am interested in is the Directorate one as they are the only Armada fleet I currently own. 

I do love the design of Directorate ships and these renders definitely match my expectations, with luck the frigates will be in Resin not metal, and this will be a perfect kit for me to pick up. 

The rese of the releases (with the Aquans my next most likely force) are shown below.


Greg Barr said…
Good work Kraggi

Another small correction: the Veydreth June release is actually a Recon Helix. Still no Assault Helix for the Alliance.

Death to the League!
Kraggi said…
oops, misread the misprint lol.

It did look wierd for an assault helix, but at least you now have some Natural Allies!
ahmadan said…
Yea, I'd not be sorry for a Kurak Helix that's not Aerial/Recon..

Good overview, personally I really like the look of the new Planetfall fleets...