Necron Horde Revision (1750)

Seeing the previous iteration of this army here. Some ideas of how to improve the list.

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Necron Horde 1750 points!

This weekend I took part in a recent friendly gaming day (big shout out Dave! Thanks for arranging it!)

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The Stats Story

So a few years ago I decided to begin recording the results of every game I played.

I have managed to continue this since 2010, I even went back through all of my blog posts from prior to me starting this to compile a list of the games I had played previously.

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Necron list, 1750 points - No Flyers !!!

So with a local games day just round the corner, here is another list I am debating using on the day.

Not my Grey Knights, but rather a horde of Necron Warriors to try and force my opponents to have to kill a lot of models.

On the Modelling Table...

With the beginning of August came a suggestion from my Wife that I don't need so many unglued / unfinished models taking over our house. 

While I don't agree with her, for a happy life I start sorting the collection of half empty sprues, and unassembled models. 

Grey Knights 1500 Points

A Different take on my usual 1500 point Grey Knight lists.

The list I used at Firestorm, was thrown together the night before to the Tournament, a mismatch of Mini's I had available as someone else was using the list I would normally field. 

July's Games

For this month I did manage some games of 40k. A huge plus as it moves me towards my total of 100 for the year again. Two months on the bounce with no games would have been very bad! 

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