On the Modelling Table...

With the beginning of August came a suggestion from my Wife that I don't need so many unglued / unfinished models taking over our house. 

While I don't agree with her, for a happy life I start sorting the collection of half empty sprues, and unassembled models. 

This was my Sunday afternoon, and when I had completed I figured I should note down what I found / assembled.

So to start:

30 Mantic Zombies
20 Mantic Skeletons
12 Necron Warriors
6 Necron Scarab Bases
10 Grey Knight Strike Marines
1 Necron Doomsday Ark
10 Dreadball Robots
8 Dreadball Void Sirens
1 Flesh Hound of Khorne
1 Base of Nurglings

So in addition to all of the above I have the following items that need painting

6 Purifiers
2 Stormravens
1 Circle of Orboros Starter Box
3 Thunderwolves
7 Bases of Nurglings
20 Flesh Hounds of Khorne
10 Bloodletters of Khorne
10 Pink Horrors
1 Herald of Tzeentch
1 Seeker Chariot
5 Seekers of Slannesh
10 Plague Bearers of Nurgle
1 Daemon Prince
1 Blood Thirster
2 Necron Tomb Stalkers
26 Coporation Dreadball Players
18 Marauder Dreadball Players
1 Dreadball Refbot
1 Annhilation Barge

So all this leaves me with a whopping

216 Infantry Models to Paint
7 Monstorous Creatures to Paint
10 Vehicles to Paint

And I want to get some Lizardmen!!!! Ah well. I guess the next few nights will be spent catch up on my outstanding models!


RTGamer said…
I should probably do the same!

If you need to get rid of those flesh hounds let me know and I can annoy my wife with them :)