The Stats Story

So a few years ago I decided to begin recording the results of every game I played.

I have managed to continue this since 2010, I even went back through all of my blog posts from prior to me starting this to compile a list of the games I had played previously.

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All this information has provided me some interesting stats, like Win Percentages, the army I do best against, the army I do worst against.

It also gives a bit of a view of the type of games I play in my area, the types of people that are around.

So first off, lets take a quick look at the Yearly overview:

Here we can see a clear improvement in my win ratio from 2010-2011. Funnily enough in 2011 I started playing tournaments, I also started my Grey Knight army. Those double Dreadknights may have been laughed at in the first year or so, but they have sure done me well.

Its also good to see that each year has seen an increase in the number of games I have played, 2013 has a few months to go yet, and I need another 44 games to top last year, another 50 to equal my New Years Resolution.

I also have a comparison of the two different editions:

6th Edition has certainly been kinder to me, with a very good win ratio, mainly from my Grey Knights, and the Necrons I picked up back in 2002. It is good to see that in 4 and a bit years (my blog started mid 2009) I have managed 269 games. At least I know the money spent hasn’t been completely waster, although I reckon each game might still be costing me over £7 a game (eek)!

Also on a side note my 100th game of 6th Edition was against my Brother, using my Necrons, he was my opponent and that was my army in my first game of 6th as well! 

The next table shows more games than I have played, but that’s because of Doubles in 5th, and Allies in 6th.

So Black Templars & Sisters look like my favourite opponents, but that’s only because I have barely played them, whereas you can see that my Regular Opponents play Space Marines & Space Wolves, with over a 120 games between the two of them.

When the new Space Marine codex comes out I will be breaking the Space Marines down into flavours, as the rumours say they will play differently for each.   

What’s this show to you all? Well I guess you can take from it that Necrons & Grey Knights are winning armies, although if you have followed the blog you will see that I don’t tend to run either of those armies according to the online ‘meta’ so it proves they have many positive builds.

There are some armies I really need to face more of including the armies I normally play, Grey Knights & Necrons.

The other thing to see is that the number of draws in 6th Edition has dropped.. and dropped significantly.


RTGamer said…
This really is a great idea. Might start this for myself. Tanks Kraggi.
Kraggi said…
Happy to provide inspiration, I have some stats somewhere for Warhammer... but given that in the same time frame I have played around 25 games of Warhammer it looks kinda silly lol.