Grey Knights 1500 Points

A Different take on my usual 1500 point Grey Knight lists.

The list I used at Firestorm, was thrown together the night before to the Tournament, a mismatch of Mini's I had available as someone else was using the list I would normally field. 

Inquisitor Ordo Malleus - Terminator Armour, Psycannon, Daemonhammer
Strike Squad x 10, Psycannon x 2
Terminators x 10, Psycannon x 2, Daemonhammer x 2, Nemesis Force Sword x 2, Nemesis Force Halberd x 6
Dreadknight - Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator
Aegis Defence Line, Quad Gun

Regular readers / followers will know that in all 112 games I have played with my Grey Knights since they were released I have only ever fielded Dreadknights in sets of two (unless playing Doubles of Course). 

This is the first time I have fielded a list with of over 1500 points with only 1 Dreadknight, and it was a very fun experience.

Dreadknights are normally my go to guys for how effective they are, and how much of a pain they are for others to kill. 

This time I had two flyers and a Quad gun, another thing I don't normally run... defence against flyers. In all three games that I played I faced flyers, and in all three games I managed to kill half of them... which isnt too hot. 

Overall the list worked well with the Strike marines sitting back to hold the Aegis and Quad Gun, although I am thinking of ways to improve this list further already... I know of a 1850 tournament coming up in October that I need to prepare for, and a 1750 one on Saturday!

Will try and get the list posted for my Saturday games at some point on Saturday, but any comments are welcome! 

So now its time for more list building to see what I can do...


The said…
Not bad. Double Raven at 1,500 is interesting. I guess with Dreads getting a downgrade in survivability, and the need for AA platforms, Ravens are very important now.

It looks a little low on model count is all. Once either the Strikes or Terminators are dead, you're really at risk of getting effectively tabled (as you don't even have other infantry, nevermind scoring, to bring it back).
Kraggi said…
Yes, very very light on troops. Admittedly the strike marines bunker down behind the Aegis, and the Terminators tend to advance for me.

The list will struggle in Crusade missions, but with Big Guns & Scouring I do a little better.

At the time it was a what I have list to be the extra player in case required.

Now though I need to think about what I want to do to improve it, I also get an extra 250 points!