July's Games

For this month I did manage some games of 40k. A huge plus as it moves me towards my total of 100 for the year again. Two months on the bounce with no games would have been very bad! 

All the stats after the jump!

I also went back through an collated all the stats for 40k games played over the last 4 years. Turns out I have managed 266, which I am pretty proud of. We will see how that progresses over the next few years! 

Warhammer 40k - 1500 Points
Grey Knights vs
Imperial Guard - Win 7-0
Daemons of Chaos - Win 10-1
Eldar - Win 13-8
Dark Angels - Win

40k Value
As of the end of July have spent 53 pence per game of 6th Edition (£45 for the Rulebook, £8 for the Psychic cards for a total of £53).
Games this month: 4

Total Games: 97
Value for Money: 53 pence (£0.53) per game.

Orx vs Corporation - Landslide Loss
Orx vs Corporation - Landslide Loss
Forgefathers vs Robots- 1-0
Forgefathers vs Veer-myn 0-7
Forgefathers vs Robots 0-7
Forgefathers vs Robots 0-5
Forgefathers vs Orx 0-5
Forgefathers vs Robots 1-0

New Years Resolutions Gaming
Play over 100 Games of 40k in 2013 - 47 / 100 (Eek! A bit of a risk here now!)
Become a better Winner / Loser - In Progress 

A couple of new Dreadball Teams added to my backlog.

Dreadball - Forgefathers - Completed

No Work Completed
Imperial guard
Grey Knights
Circle of Orboros
Daemons of Chaos
Drop Zone Commander 
Dreadball (Coroporation / Marauders / Robots / Void Sirens).

Make the time for another Throne of Skulls - In Progress aiming for October this year though.
Run / Help to Run a 40k Tournament - Completed!
I have run two tournaments this year at my local games club. With a third that we are looking at in December. Longer term I expect we will drop to only two a year, but we wanted to get some practice in this year. 


More Consistent Blogging. - Work Required! 
Complete and post a Video Battle Report - Work in Progress