Deadzone Gameplay Video!


Ok, so reusing this guy as the post image isn't always great, but he is an amazing model!

This time I am linking the Gameplay video they sent on to backers (and on their you tube channel).

Only turn 1 at the moment, but I am looking forward to seeing the next two.

Still plenty of time to get involved in the kickstarter... 3 days in fact... just click here!

Discussion - Top 5 Troop Choices

Still stealing from Mercer here, but with a slight modification.

So last time we did what were your top 5 HQ Choices. This time its the troops turn.

What do you think is the best Troop choice. This could be due to their inherent killyness, a points to usefulness ratio or just because you think they are cool.

It also can be based off how they combo with other parts of our army.

Awesome Models & Terrain!

Kickstarter... not normally one to try and plug these Kickstarters, they tend to do a good job of doing it themselves.


DZC, Shaltari - Coyote Work in Progress!

In addtion to my other purchases recently I managed to pick up a Shaltari Coyote.

No problems with the casting or the parts here, and it is one very nice model.

The Tournament list for Today!

So for todays 3 game, 1750 tournament my list is below... although the picture gives it away methinks!

Two Different 1750 lists

So this weekend I have a friendly 1750 point tournament, probably around 10-12 players in attendance, but there will be a good range of armies and opponents there.

The Scourge Starter Box (Picture Heavy)

So in addition to the Shaltari I purchased, below are the contents of the Scourge box.

More after the jump!

Discussion Top 5 HQ Choices.

Stealing this from Mercer, quite unashamedly as well.

Its an excellent discussion point.

What are YOUR top 5 HQ choices in the whole game? More after the jump...

The Shaltari Tribes - Starter Box Review (Picture Heavy)

So when I got to pick myself two starter boxes I went for the more exotic looking forces. The Shaltari are definitely that!

More after the jump

Chaos Daemons - First Look

For the first time since Grey Knights were released all that time ago I decided it was time to start a new army.


For those of you that may have missed this earlier this week... a link to an article around someone who built a transforming Baneblade!

Gotta say this really impressed me, just wish I had the patience for it!

Chaos of the Warp Doubles!

So a Doubles list, not using the new Allies mechanic. Its the way I used to play doubles down at Warhammer world, and it makes it feel like more of a join effort than the new method applied in the recent Battle Brother tournaments (which are still good tournaments).

Grey Knights - 2000 Points

So while I am a champion of 1500 / 1750 points for the challenge of picking your army list, this tournament is one of the ones where I get 2000 points to play with.

Aprils Hobby

So this last months gaming....

Yeah I did get games, just not of the game system I hoped for!

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