Discussion - Top 5 Troop Choices

Still stealing from Mercer here, but with a slight modification.

So last time we did what were your top 5 HQ Choices. This time its the troops turn.

What do you think is the best Troop choice. This could be due to their inherent killyness, a points to usefulness ratio or just because you think they are cool.

It also can be based off how they combo with other parts of our army.

I have listed my top 5 below... I wonder what yours are?

1. Tau Fire Warriors - Supporting fire really helps these guys out, the ability to reach out and touch those AV10/11 tanks & Infantry at 36" with S5 weapons is amazing. On their own one unit of these guys isnt much to shout about. A couple of groups and their buffs... and they become downright amazing!

2. Wraithguard (Previous Codex - no idea on the new rules yet). - T6 troops you say! With a 3+ Armour save ,a 5+ cover save and the ability to get re-rolls. Plus a weapon that insta gibs on the roll of a 6! Count me in! They have plently of disadvantages do Wraithguard, but they are also very hard to deal with. The things that are going to rip them to pieces tend to be MC's and on luck set of rolls when you charge them and suddenly your MC has to pass its Inv (if it has one) or its dead.

3. Grey Knight Terminators - They are terminators, but troops! The psycannon fufills all roles, and their array of Force Weapons are very useful. Ok, so their AP2 stuff strikes at I1, but they have a ton of options and with 10 of them you can combat squad to get the most out of them! They also have the added advantage of being able to pratically ignore the Helldrakes firey breath, which can be a big problem for a lot of troop choices out there.

4. Tervigon - A troops unit that spawns troop units.... ok so I dont see too many downsides to this. Add in Biomancy powers with the ability to give it Eternal Warriors and +D3 Toughess, or it will not Die basically makes this baby a pain in the backside to shift. Oh and those troops you can spawn, get deployed 6" away from you, followed by a 6" move and finally they can charge. So if you want to kill this bad boy you have to do it shooting, because you will almost never get into combat with it on its own, and the termaguants it can spawn are an amazing tarpit unit!

5. Necron Warriors - Immortals may have a 3+ save and in some peoples views, better weapons, however I think that the Necron Warrior should not be under estimated. Much as the Fire Warrior on their own they arent amazing, but coupled with upto 19 mates in a squad, flanked by some Ghost Arks and suddenly you have a very resilient unit. Whack them behind the obligatory Aegis Defence line and they become even harder to kill vs Autocannons / Psycannons & Heavy Bolters. All in all Necron Warriors are my go to troop choice for my Crons because the benefits & savings vs Immortals add up to more models on the table.

I would love to hear about your thoughts on your top 5 troop choices.


Mark Mercer said…
Hey dude,

Thanks for the link :)

I would go with Fire Warriors, they are not too bad for the points.

Tervigon as a troop choice is brilliant - 'nuff said.

You may think this is a funny one, but Dark Eldar Warriors I like - sure they are weak, but they are cheap and have rapid fire poison, night vision and also power through pain.

Necron Warriors, again 'nuff said.

Then I would say Grey Hunters - 15 points get you a typical Space Marine, but also a ccw along with acute senses and counter-attack.
Kraggi said…
Hiya Mercer, credit where credit is due, you made me think of this :-)

I actually dont disagree with your choices too much. Dark Eldar warriors are very good, especially against the infantry heavy 6th edition we tend to see.

Grey Hunters are good, very frustrating to deal with when they get into your army as well.