DZC, Shaltari - Coyote Work in Progress!

In addtion to my other purchases recently I managed to pick up a Shaltari Coyote.

No problems with the casting or the parts here, and it is one very nice model.

The base you can see below was picked up from at Carronade.I think I got 10 for £1.60... not too shabby.

The shot above shows the three legs just balances on the base, at this point I hadn't quite decided how I would attach it to the base.

In hindsight this model would probably look better on a larger base allowing me to spread the legs out more. Personally I like the idea of the command module being higher up for that better view, but I think the different poses available are very good! 

In the shot below you can see the base has had sand added to it, this is after I used Green stuff to give the legs something to catch on the base. Once that had set I used bird sand to base the model. 

So I made the mistake of attaching the guns before painting the model... yes it was a mistake as I have already managed to knock one off maneuvering around it!

So after undercoating it black, I went for a Wazza Dakka red base coat, which is what you can see below. Its not quite the Orange I am looking for but its heading in the right direction at least!


Vladdd309 said…
Great stuff. The Shaltari are easily the coolest looking faction in DC.
Kraggi said…
Yes, I am tempted by all four, but I am aiming to avoid repeats of other games systems i have spent a lot of money on only to have to sell at a later time.