The Scourge Starter Box (Picture Heavy)

So in addition to the Shaltari I purchased, below are the contents of the Scourge box.

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As with the Shaltari (and I imagine all 4 of the starter boxes) it comes in a nice foam try. For size comparisons (something I forgot to do in the last post) this tray would fit 6 times into a Standard KR carry case. I use the cardboard ones. Two of them are slightly wider (side by side) that a typical GW minatures tray.

 I also didnt mention in the last one that the DZC foam bit that I put the minis on to take pictures will easily pluck out giving you more storage space in the tray!

Below are the AA tanks of the Scourge. Two part turrest, one part chassis.

Here are the scourge APCs awesome detail on these guys. Reminds me of Vorlons with their natural lines.

 The troops, given how the troops are described in the game (other Races controled by a parasite) I am guessing that is why you get so many more than you do for the Shaltari.

Here is the Scourge flying transport, you get three of these in the box, and the six ledges you get are positionable within the upright supports. for the two tank ones you need all six, the one with the APC's only uses 4 though, see further down for how these look with their tanks in them!

Here is the entire army assembled and disembarked.

The main gun line tanks here.

The APC's with their troops.  

 A close up of the APC's

The Infatry themselves.

The top and the bottom of the APC's to highlight their detail.

The AA tanks.

Here are the transports fully loaded with their occupants.

I really love the detail on the Scourge models, and I especially like how their vehicles fit into the transports.

No issues or missing pieces in this box, and again these guys have painted pretty easily for me, hopefully more pictures of these to follow soon.