The Shaltari Tribes - Starter Box Review (Picture Heavy)

So when I got to pick myself two starter boxes I went for the more exotic looking forces. The Shaltari are definitely that!

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Below are the pictures of the contents of the starter box.

First off, it comes in a very nice foam case, which certainly reduces the need to buy foam for your carry cases.

Everything was neatly packed, along with a check list of the items that are in the box.

Below is the Shaltari flying transport, you may notice this now (and later) that i have the fins the wrong way up. Yes even with a box picture I put them on the wrong way up on all of my models.

You get three of these in the box.

The tanks... including their flash, mainly to show you that there isnt much flash on these models.

The gates, or rather their equivilant of an APC. This was the only bit of the starter that had anything wrong with it as the gate on the right has the wrong piece.

I have contacted them about it and they have quickly got back in touch to tell me that they are sending me a replacement.

**Update ** The Replacement arrived on Firday, less than a week after I reported it. Very very impressed!

The Infantry... tiny tiny models. But with only three per base not so bad to paint. For future reference, paint them like this before gluing...

So with all the pieces of the box above now for some shots of it all assembled and pretty looking!

The whole box assembled and on display.

The Infantry!
 Tanks. All the turrets are not glued!

 The turrets are not glued to the Chassis, but the actual guns are glued to the turrets.

The one land gate that I can assemble, really liking the model.

One of my flying transports!

Another one, but this time with a different pose.

Another view.

The underside, to show you the peg that attaches to the model and that then allows you to attach it to the flight stand. This one has been positioned forward to give the flyer a more dynamic feel.

You can also see the underside of the fins (which should be the top side!)

So in my final analysis, very happy with the contents of the box, they went together easy enough, cleaned up easy enough and from the paint I have put on them so far are moving along nicely.

This time more pictures of painted models on their way (I hope).