Aprils Hobby

So this last months gaming....

Yeah I did get games, just not of the game system I hoped for!

Terrible! Didnt managed 1 game of 40k in 30 days. Which does cause me some concern around trying to get to my target of 100 games for the year.

Admittedly May starts off well with me rocking 6 games in the first weekend and possibly another 2 before that, but it does leave me a little bit behind.


40k Value
As of the end of March I have spent 67 pence per game of 6th Edition (£45 for the Rulebook, £8 for the cards for a total of £53).
Games this month: 29

Total Games: 79
Value for Money: 67 pence (£0.67) per game.

Trollbloods vs Khador - Win

Game 1 vs Wood Elves, Win, 12-8
Game 2 vs Dwarves, Loss, 4-16
Game 3 vs Empire, Win, 17-3
Game 4 vs Lizardmen, Loss, 1-20
Game 5 vs Lizardmen, Win, 12-8
Game 6 vs Warroirs of Chaos, Win, 17-3

New Years Resolutions Gaming
Play over 100 Games of 40k in 2013 - 29 / 100
Become a better Winner / Loser - In Progress

Slightly less ineffective painting this month, at least i didnt add any new models to the fold, and the Tomb Stalker is now with paint on it, with a base built!

Complete my
Imperial guard - No Work Completed
Necrons - Tomb Stalker, body now Glued, Base Partially painted 
Grey Knights - Dreadknight Primary Colours on, basing required.
Dwarves -Unit of Thunderers repainted.
Trollbloods - No Work Completed this month
Daemons of Chaos - Primary Colours added to all newly purchased models.

Make the time for another Throne of Skulls - In Progress
Run / Help to Run a 40k Tournament - Completed! I was the nominated T/O for the Firestorm tournament held by my local club on the 2nd Feb!

More Consistent Blogging. - Ongoing - Still needing more work here! Well a lot of work!
Complete and post a Video Battle Report - Work in Progress