Dystopian Wars - More French

A few more pictures for any that may have missed them of up coming French Releases. 

Dystopian Wars - Combat

My second Article about the rules of the Dystopian Wars, last time Activations, this time Shooting. The movement phase itself is pretty straight forward so I decided to avoid a very small post about it. 

Red Salamanders? No wait Green

Dragkon here again, just a quick snap shot as I have decided to look at seriously repainting my Salmanders from Red to Green, their more traditional.

When I have more pictures of more of the models, rest assured I will start getting them posted up here!

Blood Angels Terminators

Another of my Brothers units, as you can guess (and see) he is a far better and more enthusiastic painter than I!

French Previews

French previews... I havent seen any release dates for some of these guys yet... however I have to say I really do like them!

Dystopian War Pictures!

So in my quest for getting more posts up about Dystopian Wars I am looking for something quite easy… pictures!

My Games in March!

So another month out of the way, and another fairly decent amount of games played. 

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