Dystopian War Pictures!

So in my quest for getting more posts up about Dystopian Wars I am looking for something quite easy… pictures!

Well actually that bits a tiny bit of a lie… I can find them easily enough on Google, what I am looking for is pictures of Dystopian Wars models I can use in my Blog posts, both here and on Bell of Lost souls.

If you are willing to let me use your pictures please feel free to either:

A. Leave a Comment Below
B. Drop me an email at varcancluster at sky.com

You can either drop me an email with pictures you are happy for me to use, or you can drop me a link to a blog post of yours that has the pictures in.

In either case I will give full credit (if you want me to) for whoevers models and pictures I am using. Including a link back to your blog in the post where I use your pictures.

This will be on both my blog posts here & on Bell of Lost Souls.

So what type of pictures am I looking for? Well its simple really. I am looking for pictures for everything!

Pictures of your Fleets WiP, fully painted, games, cruisers, tiny tokens, landships, robots! You name it and if its Dystopian Wars related I am interested in your pictures.

Depending on the interest and how many people get in touch I may look at starting a weekly post showcasing peoples models.

All in all, let me know what you think, I hope to get some good interest here, and I hope you are enjoying the articles I am posting!