French Previews

French previews... I havent seen any release dates for some of these guys yet... however I have to say I really do like them!


Anonymous said…
Isn't this a bit late? Previews for this stuff have been available for well over a month and the release dates are up on the Warstore.
Vladdd309 said…
Good post, I've not seen these yet - not everyone slavishly checks Spartan Games for new pics.

Saw the French models (naval box and blister packs) last weekend - they look immense. Had a quick look at the rules too, heat lance? Nasty!
Scott said…
I hadn't seen those yet, either. That dreadnought is great.

There are russian previews at Spartan right now.
Kraggi said…
Thanks for the comments you three.


I tend to delay preview pictures a few weeks, partly cause I had a busy schedule when I found them and partly because some people dont catch them when they come out. I dont mind not being at the cutting edge of rumours/future releases as long as people get to see stuff they havent seen!

The Russian previews I am collecting to see if there are a few more for a post then that will go up as well. Probably a bit late though as the last week has been slow on me blogging!