Blood Angels Terminators

Another of my Brothers units, as you can guess (and see) he is a far better and more enthusiastic painter than I!

This unit has absorbed some serious firepower coming into them, and I mean some serious firepower!

I have seen these guys advance into a Rune Priest, Three Long Fang packs (with plenty of AP2 weaponary) and two Grey Hunter packs... there losses... nothing. He simply couldnt fail an armour save, much to his opponents frustration and disbelief!


Ron Saikowski said…
Nice job. I like the black and grey weapons without any extra red in them. They stand out from the armour on the model.

Ron, FTW
Dragkon said…
Thanks Ron. :)
If I'm wanting to do more these guys gotta get used to the new paints now. Just wondering are you going to be any new painting tips with using the new paint range?
Ron Saikowski said…
If I can get my hands on the new range I'll put something together. I don't see myself buying any more than I need though to finish the projects I have coming up.

Fortunately for me, I'm at a break in my work so I have nothing that is in the middle of being painted right now.

Ron, FTW