Dystopian Wars Blog Roll!

A while back I did a post about a Dystopian Wars Blog Roll.

The roll is still running and still open to people that post about Dystopian Wars.

Your site doesnt have to be soley dedicated to the game, you can post about any other game systems and still be included on the Blog Roll.

All I ask is that you have an interest in the game, and are actively posting, or about to start posting about it.

I also ask that you add this site to your Blog, even if its just to your Blogroll.

The more information we can get out about this game the more people playing it, and the more models / opponents we will have!

Drop me a comment on this post, or email me at varcancluster@sky.com. I will then get you added to the Blog roll and to my Dystopian Wars page, so you can join the list of people below.