Dystopian Wars - More French

A few more pictures for any that may have missed them of up coming French Releases. 

So first things first, and the reason this one is at the top, is because I love this design... really thinking I need to get my hands on the French Rulebook tho as it does show 9 Tiny Tokens listed there.... does that mean it has a capacity of 9?! 

 Following on from the French Sky Fortress we have the French Flying battleship... I like this model, looks like it would do a good job as a submersible... if it weren't for that little ramp at the front with a fighter on it. 

Could this be one of the few (if not only) battleships with a Tiny Token capacity?

 The above two pictures are of the French fortifications... I really need to get my hands on a nations fortifications so I can get some scale and perspective sorted out... and so I can build the ultimate base of operations!!!!


toymaker said…
Sending you the answers you are seeking.