Grey Knights at 1k.

On the back of my post last week, I am taking part in a tournament at the end of May over in Glasgow. It is only a 1000 point tournament but I have to decide between a Guard and Grey Knight list.

So basically I figured let’s have a look at a few 1000 point armies and try and figure out which has the better potential.

My first thoughts at the GK list for 1000 points are as follows:

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor: Power Armour, 2 Servo Skulls, Daemonblade (Hammershaped)
Grey Knight Strike Squad (10): Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannon x 2, Rhino
Grey Knight Terminator (5): Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannon, Daemon Hammer, Force Halberds x 3
Grey Knight Terminators (5): Psybolt Ammunition, Incinerator, Daemon Hammer, Force Falchions x 3
Grey Knight Purifiers (5): Force Halberd x 3, Incinerator x 2, Razorback w/ Psybolt Ammo & Dozerblade

This is still a very small force, but does have two units on the board which are aiming to get into the enemy quickly.

The Terminators should then arrive to either contest or capture objectives. They can also start on the board in cover to hold and objective from the enemy.

The Inquisitor is a very cheap HQ option, who can still pack a punch in combat from the Daemonblade. He will be in the Razorback with the Purifiers which makes some semblance of sense as they guard something inside Titan, but the fact it is captured on Titan, also means it is being used in some way for the good of the Imperium… so I reckon they could just about cope with the Inquisitor using a Daemonblade.

The inquisitor also has Servo Skulls to help the Terminators out (assuming the enemy hasn’t destroyed them) and it will help out any blast weapons I decide to use.

A second list will be led by the Brotherhood Champion.

Brotherhood Champion
Grey Knight Strike Squad (10): Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannon x 2, Rhino
Grey Knight Strike Squad (9): Force Halberds x 9, Rhino
Purgation Squad (5): Incinerators x 4, Rhino
Dreadknight: Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Greatsword

This list works on a slightly different option to that of the normal list. It has no deep strikers so no need to rely on Servo Skulls or Reserve rolls.

The Brotherhood champion slots into the 9 man Strike Squad and should do a good job of boosting their offensive fire.

3 Rhinos and a Dreadknight should hopefully mean the enemy has to split their fire, fingers crossed being a lot less effective.

The purgation squad should be pretty good at killing off Horde units which are the bane of our life as Grey Knight players, and fingers crossed the Dreadknight can help deal with some enemy armour.

In all honesty I don’t know what to expect at 1000 points so it will be an eye opener once I have seen a few lists.

And as promised in my comments below here is the mistake I made in writing the first army list.... it should look like this:

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor: Power Armour, 2 Servo Skulls, Daemonblade (Hammershaped)
Grey Knight Strike Squad (10): Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannon x 2, Rhino
Grey Knight Terminator (10): Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannon x 2, Incinerator, Daemon Hammer x 2, Force Halberds x 3, Force Falchions x 3
Grey Knight Purifiers (5): Force Halberd x 3, Incinerator x 2, Razorback w/ Psybolt Ammo & Dozerblade

By combining the Two Terminators squads into one, I save 20 points on Psybolt Ammunition, this then allows me to pick up a second Psycannon for them instead of an Incinerator! Rookie mistake from me there... combat squading is always a better option.

Grey Knights, 1500 with Paladins


I love the concept of Paladins from History and Roleplaying. They are always the Character that I want to play if I get the chance to. In my mind they are very simply the Knights in Shining Armour.

There was no way I was ever going to be able to play many games with the Grey Knights before tying an army out with a unit of them.

As it turns out I made it through 3 games with no Paladins then decided to add them into 1500 points for a game against Tom's Space Wolves. It turns out they are actually as hard as their Reputation warrants, and the Space Wolves are one of the best lists in the game for getting high str weaponry and low ap weaponry into (I think), but still somehow the Paladins pulled through.

The list I used was as follows:

Grey Knight Grandmaster: Incinerator, Force Halberd, 3 Servo Skulls, 200

Paladins x 10, Psybolt Ammunition, 1 Force Falchions, 2 Daemon Hammers, 4 Psycannons, 4 Force Halberds, 2 Force Swords, 655

Grey Knight Strike Squad x 10, Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psycannons, 240

Grey Knight Strike Squad x 7, Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannon, 170

Nemesis Dreadknight; Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator, 235

Total: 1500 Points

The list did me pround considering the numerous mistakes I made with my setup and first turn. It was Dawn of War, which helps a lot when fighting 3 Long Fang squads.

What it boiled down to was that the units of Grey Knights are just too weak when getting shot at by lots of high AP weaponry.

It also didnt help in the Target rich enviroment that the Space Wolves presented me with, with so few units I simply couldnt kill the 3 Landspeeders and 3 Long Fangs that were the things presenting me with the most worry.

So reassessing this list what can I change? Well the Grandmaster did me Proud continually Breaking or Killing the Space Wolves he wanted to charge, had he made combat I would have certainly drawn the game, but they failed those checks, and when all I was doing was including two wounds on him, I didnt expect him to fail both, then fail his morale check, then run far enough away from me. What did him in the end was the lack of Eternal Warrior. I also used the Grand Strategy to make the Paladins along with the Dreadknight. The Dreadknight which I suicided forward and ended up doing nothing... so I need to learn how to use the army better, but I think a few changes may be in order just to increase its survivability.

Anyway... here is the revised 1500 point list.

Lord Kaldor Draigo: 275

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor: 3 Servo Skulls, Psyker w/Communion, Psychotrope Grenade, Power Armour, 87

Paladins x 10: Psybolt Ammunition, 4 x Psycannon, Daemonhammer x 2, Falchions x 2, Halberds x 6, 660

Grey Knight Strike Squad x 10: 2 x Psycannons, Psybolt Ammunition

Nemesis Dreadknight: Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator.

This list certainly has its weaknesses, the big one being bodies on the ground. With only 23 models and a mere 41 wounds it could very well struggle against Torrent of fire.

It is toting 6 Psycannons, 4 of which are relentless so they should be able to deal with most armour, and with enough concentrated firepower even Landraiders will go down.

Draigo is a huge jump in points over a standard GrandMaster, but being Immune to instant death and a 3++ save means I can allocate those pesky AP1 & 2 shots to him instead of Paladins.

Photoing Mini Tips!

This is a plug for a Blog of a friend of mine.

Anyone who wants to see awesome pictures of awesome models, or anyone who wants to get tips on how to take pictures of their models then I advise you visit:


The blog is being run by a good friend of mine, who has been taking photo's for a long time and has some really good tips!

Grey Knight Analysis: HQ's

This will be a quick rundown of my opinions of the models and options in the Grey Knight Codex.

It is my opinion, so don’t take it as Gospel, and please feel free to post any comments from your personal experiences as that is always something that will help out me and other people reading the blog.

For now I am going to sidestep the Special Characters as each of those guys could have an article to themselves.

Instead I am going to focus on the following Units:

Grey Knight Grand Master

Grey Knight Brother Captain

Grey Knight Librarian

Brotherhood Champion

Inquisitor (all three options).

So let’s start off with the Grand Master & Brother Captain:

Well the only real difference between the two of these is 25 points, and the Grand Masters rule allowing him to give additional special rules to D3 units. I don’t see many people taking Brother Captains because of this, because the extra 25 points will almost certainly pay off… would a normal Marine player pay 25 points for 1 squad of Assault/Devastator/Veterans Marines to become scoring? Of course he would. Especially when those 25 points for 1 unit could be 25 points for 3.

If you are going to take a Grand Master, especially in lower point games then I would make sure that you have 1 unit you clearly want the benefit for, and another two that will get some use from it as well.

You don’t want to end up giving a rule to something just for the sake of giving it a rule, although to be honest as you can choose to make something scoring this is unlikely to be wasted.

Both of them get access to the full range of Grenades, Servo Skulls and the Orbital Relay. The last of these, the Orbital Bombardment, has some real potential especially if you can combine it with the Servo Skulls on the battlefield, as any blast placed within 12” of a Servo skull only scatters D6 instead of 2D6 (there is some debate as to whether a Servo skull affects the Orbital Relay or not), not forgetting the ability to prevent enemy infiltrators from leaving their deployment zone if you have enough of them!

If you want to make your HQ a stationary target that can kill anything then this is the way to go. The two have to be used together in my mind. Beacause without them the distances can be too much. But considering the S10, Lance that counts as S10 if the template catches any part of your hull is awesome. Imperial Guard Gunlines beware, because you can castle up in a corner, but one Volley from this baby and you could lose every tank. Then add the fact it can fire in the following turn, and the following one, plus multiple fire options mean it is a very very effective way to kill Tanks at range.

Psychic powers… well they get the usual one of Hammerhand, but they also get Psychic communion. This allows him to +/- 1 from reserve rolls, allowing the units they want to turn up when they want them. A nifty power for the early game.

Then lets not forget that both of these guys can be an absolute beast in close combat means that in either choice you have a very versatile Character that can fulfil pretty much any role on the Battlefield.

Moving on I am going to talk about the Librarian. This guy has been widely acclaimed as one of the best choices for the 1500-2000 point range, and there are very few reasons to not take him. Once again he can have Servo Skulls to boost your blast or deep strike chances.

He is a level 2 Psyker, so that’s 2 Psychic powers per turn, and his array of Psychic powers is impressive. For only 5 points per power you can make him into a Character to be feared as he can know every power in the book, and then cast an array of them per turn. For a extra points you can make him capable of casting three powers a turn… while it is not cheap it might be worth the shock on your opponents face!

The Brotherhood Champion is an interesting choice as he has very little in the way of survivability, but his special rules and cheap costs can make him a very attractive option. The ability to allow a unit he is with to re-roll all failed hits is also a nice bonus. The best use for this HQ is to get him next to your enemies most expensive model, and then if you don’t kill it in combat, you get a chance to kill it when you die.

Now the rules are unclear on two things, and I hope on both counts that they are clarified in an FAQ…

1. He allows himself and his unit to reroll failed hits on the turn he arrives, so in relation to Heroic Sacrifice can he re-roll this hit roll if he fails? From reading the rules I don’t think so… but it could be interpreted that way.

2. The rules for Heroic Sacrifice state that he gets to nominate one Model in base to base… that could be a tank. So in theory he could direct his heroic sacrifice attack against a tank to kill it and remove it from play. Cheesy… yes, legal… rules as written. Not sure I would ever do this, and I expect it to be FAQ’d but an interesting option if they don’t FAQ it.

The Inquisitor choices are in there as the cheap way of getting yourself a HQ into the army. They are also nicely customisable (when you consider Henchmen) allowing you a few options for them. These guys come out as the best choice in any game that is 1000 points or less.

You can have a half decently tooled up Inquisitor in Power Armour for under 60 points, leaving you more points for other toys. In a list where every point counts something that I would advise anyone to consider.

You are also able to upgrade these guys to Psykers for 30 points a model, and give them either Hammerhand or Psychic Communion. I personally think this is a cheap way to get Psychic Communion into your army, at lower points limits this is a good thing.

It is also worth remembering that in nearly all cases where there are Grey Knights there are Inquisitors commanding and directing them, so from a Fluff point of view there are hardly any arguments regarding an Inquisitor led force.

25 Points of Hordes.

Deciding to move into a larger points category for the games between my Brother and I we beefed up our armies.

I decided to try out Grissel Bloodsong, and my Runeshapers. Here is the list I came too.

Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller

Earthborn Dire Troll 10
Troll Axer 6
Troll Impaler 5

Trollkin Runeshapers (3) 4

Janissa Stonetide 3
Alten Ashley 2

It is very much a list about what I own, more than perfect synergy. Alten Ashley was included as I didn’t have any other 2 point models to fill the gap.

In my first game with this list I played against my Brothers Legion of Everblight. That game went well for me, as I managed to get the Earthborn in a charge on his caster… it did not end well for him.

He and I are still learning, and along with less than ideal army comps (we tend to buy the mini’s we like) the games can be a bit unusual.

I managed to screw up the use of my Runeshapers, as I thought they would only get to cast 1 Magic attack per unit, rather than one per model… which is the correct way to do this. So that means 3 magical attacks a turn, moving them up in my estimation.

The plan with this list is to try and pound my enemy from range, and when they get close (which they probably will) use the Earthborn to take out their Heavies, and the Axer to deal with infantry.

I can in the longer term look at dropping the Axer for a Troll Impaler, which will give me 1 extra point to allow me to swap out Alten for another Trollkin Solo with a few different options. Possibly a Fel Caller, or Trollkin Champion.

Will be trying this list out again in the next few weeks to see how it does.

Another option is to change Girssel out for Hoarluk which with the same list would give me 3 extra points – another Runeshaper unit, or by dropping Alten another Impaler without having to lose the Axer.

Now I just need to get Hoarluk… I reckon 6 Runeshapers & Janissa Stonetide in 25 points is kinda nasty.

As always opinions, ideas etc let me know!

A Chapter Lost

Inquisitor Naaman scanned the table in front of him. The reports did not bode well. The Sons of the Lion had collectively vanished. Methelas itself had not seen a sign of them in over a year, and the fortress monastery was sealed and the Auto Defences were turned on ready to kill anyone who approached. Something he had found out from the Methelas high command. They had now setup a cordon to prevent any civilians getting caught by the lethal weapons.

An entire chapter does not just vanish… except it had. His petitions to the Dark Angels for information of the Sons of the Lion had been met with a stony silence. Chapter Masters certainly had the right to not answer his questions, but rarely did those questions go unacknowledged.

He fingered his inquisitorial seal absently; it had been a while since he last invoked the power of his office within the Inquisitions militant arm. There had been reports of Chaos activity along the fringes of the Cluster, nothing concrete yet, nothing he could use to bring in additional forces, especially when those forces would be used to hunt down the Sons of the Lion.

Again he scanned over the documents on his desk. Nearly all of the reports told of Wars ongoing in the Cluster, a few of those Wars were going against the Imperiums forces, most of them were going in their favour from insidious Chaos to brutish Orks the length & breadth of the Cluster engulfed in War, something that had not happened since the Sons of the Lion claimed protection of the Cluster.

The Spaces Wolves had been holding their own, but then the Warriors of Russ rarely went into a fight with anything other than total victory in their heads. Their animosity to the Sons of the Lion had only become more pronounced since they answered their request for assistance.

Maybe he could use them… ask them to start actively looking for the Sons of the Lion, along with reporting any Daemonic activity. If enough was found then a Brotherhood would be required regardless… and if the Sons of the Lion had fallen into darkness like their brothers before them… well then a Brotherhood would most likely be the best way to stop them.

Naaman looked out of his office briefly, the vast Starship ‘Saint Varcan’ was supposed to be the original ship that the Saint had used to travel around the Cluster, something that Naaman could almost believe, it was certainly old enough.

Now it was used only by himself and his attendants, a massive waste of space perhaps, but necessary as he had needed a transport and, commandeered the ship at the top of the list. That was nearly 5 years ago now, the captain had long since given up his quiet grumblings about the credit loss he thought he would make. Naaman had paid him handsomely, and continued to do so as long as the ship remained at his disposal.

Outside of this office stood two shadowy figures. Deathcult assassins sworn to protect him. There were another 10 scattered about the ship. Finding 12 of them to follow him had not been difficult as they had approached him as a group, offering their services and swearing their loyalty.

He also had around a hundred handpicked Guardsmen who would accompany him on various assignments, or could work on their own. Add in the Mystics, Psykers and Servitors he had at his command and Inquisitor Naaman had a small army at his disposal… nowhere near enough to search an entire Star Cluster for a missing Chapter, nowhere near enough to keep him upto date on all the goings on in the area.

He brought his thoughts back to what he could do, not what he could not. The Space Wolves were the best option available, and with luck a little confirmation of Daemon activity would bring a Brotherhood to him.

The Grey Knights had been in the area before, not that any but Inquisitorial agents, and the upper echelons of the Dark Angels and Sons of the Lion knew it, but they had been here, and they had previously had a Strike Cruiser in the cluster… it had saved the day at that final battle. Maybe it would do so again.

Grey Knights, 1500 Points with Purifiers

I have now managed 6 games with my Grey Knights at 1500 points, so far I have used 4 different lists, two main themes with a few modifications.

So given that I have some games under my belt now, I wanted to list the Original lists I used, what I changed and why.

So the first list I used was:

Grey Knight Librarian: 3 x Servo Skulls, The Summoning, The Shrouding: 175

Purifiers x 10: 4 Incinerators, 5 Force Halberds, Daemonhammer, Rhino w/Warp Stabilisation Field: 300

Grey Knight Terminators x 10: Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psycannons, 2 Daemon Hammers, 8 Force Halberds: 470

Grey Knight Strike Squad x 10: Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psycannons: 240

Nemesis DreadKnight: Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon: 275

Now this list lost its first game against Tau, but literally on the last dice roll otherwise I would have got a draw. Now thats a lot more due to the fact I had some amazing dice rolls for me (and terribad ones for my opponent) when he tried to kill the Dreadknight.

This list then got used against Space Wolves as well and managed to win that game convincingly. More down to unseemingly good luck I reckon but there ya go.

The Summoning is very useful and well worth the 5 points, especially if you can set your Libriarian up in an advanced position, which means anything in Dawn of War.

Now I changed this list because I am sure people who havep played Grey Knights there are a lot of silly things in it that can be improved.

I like Deep Striking the Terminators, although starting them on the table would increase the survivability of the Dreadknight it also means I could easily be losing scoring units early, bring in the fact that Terminators Deep Striking means people have to be willing to deal with my servo skulls and that can pull units out of position.

So with two games experience under my belt the list changed to the following, this list actually ended up 23 points under, which is what happens with me when I write a list on the fly.

Grey Knight Librarian: The Summoning, The Shrouding, 160

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor: Power Armour, 3 x Servo Skulls, Psyker w/ Psychic Communion, 72

Purifiers x 10: 4 Incinerators, 5 Force Halberds, Daemonhammer, Rhino w/Warp Stabilisation Field: 300

Grey Knight Terminators x 10: Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psycannons, 2 Daemon Hammers, 8 Force Halberds: 470

Grey Knight Strike Squad x 10: Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psycannons: 240

Nemesis DreadKnight: Personnal Teleporter, Heavy Incinerator, 235

This list gives me a cheap Psychic Communion, and cheaper Servo skulls for bring then enemy out into the the Open. This played my brothers Tau and won 6-2 on kill points, it certainly helped me stealing the initiative. I think the list needs a few more games before I make any changes to it, however given that I have 23 points spare I have made the following changes to get it upto 1500 points:

I added a Teleport Homer and Smite to the Librarian, these improve his usefulness, especially if I decide to start him on the board not attached to the Terminators, add in 3 servo skulls and to prevent me bringing down my Terminators where I want you have to deal with 4 things.

All in all, pretty happy with this list and its the way I will go if I decide to use Purifiers in my list.

Any feedback as always is welcome!

1000 Points of Guard

I have been invited to a 1000 point 40k tournament in Glasgow. Normal force Organisation restrictions and special characters are allowed.

Now I enjoy all points levels of 40k, the bigger ones I get to have more toys in, but I think that it takes real skill to build competitive lists at the lower points values.

Now don’t get me wrong the Guard Codex has so many options that it does take a bit of the challenge out of it, however I tend to aim away from Veterans unless I am using my Air Cav force which is just for amusement as much as anything else.

Anyway, back to this tournament. So I have a 1000 points to play with. I am going to knock up a few lists see if I get any feedback, and then try playing them.

So the first list will have 0, yep that’s right 0 Veterans. I love em, but I am a big believer in the power of the Infantry platoon.

List 1:
Company Command Squad, Lascannon
Sly Marbo

Infantry Platoon
Infantry Command Squad, 4 x Flamers
Infantry Squad, Autocannon
Infantry Squad, Autocannon

Infantry Platoon
Infantry Command Squad, 4 x Meltaguns
Infantry Squad, Grenade Launcher
Infantry Squad

Valkyrie Squadron, 2 Valks both with Multiple Rocket Pods.

This gives me 7 Lascannons, 6 of which are Twin Linked, 4 Meltaguns and 2 Autocannons against Armour

4 Str 4 Pie Plates, 4 Infantry Squads & 4 Flamers against hordes, and a fast moving set of units.

Fragile potentially against a Long Fang heavy list, but has possibilities.

The Second list will make a concession in that a single Veteran squad is cheaper and concedes less kill points than an Infantry Platoon.

Company Command Squad, Lascannon
Sly Marbo
Infantry Platoon:
Infantry Command Squad: 3 x Flamers
Infantry Command Squad, Autocannon
Infantry Command Squad, Autocannon
Infantry Command Squad, Autocannon
Veteran Squad, 3 x Meltaguns
Leman Russ Battle Tank

This has a bit more armour for people to focus on, and a few less shots (1 Infantry Command Squad’s worth). The Meltaguns are at BS4 this time instead of just 3 so that will help them immensely and being in a bigger unit means they have more ablative armour as such.

These are the two lists I will test out, think I will end up rolling a dice for which I try first, as they both appeal to me quite a lot…

Grey Knights - 2 Games in

Yesterday I managed to widely different games with my Grey Knights... well widely different outcomes.

I played 1500 points with the following list;

Librarian: 3 x Servo Skulls, The Shrouding, The Summoning

Purifiers x 10, Incinerators x 4, 5 Force Halberds, 1 Daemonhammer, Rhino with Warp Stabilisation Field

Grey Knight Strike Squad x 10, Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psycannons

Grey Knight Terminators x 10, Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannon x 2, Daemonhammer x 2, Force Halberd x 7, Force Falchions

Dreadknight; Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Personnal Teleporter.

This list played a Tau list designed for killing Orks and a generic 1500 point Space Wolf list. Both games were kill points.

Now I lost the first one, and to be honest felt like I had lost it from around turn 3. We ended up going 6 turns at which point my opponent had tabled me, meaning he had the same number of Kill Points but won the day anyway.

Had I passed that 1 Leadership check, or rolled only a 9 or less on my run distance and I would have won it 6-5 on Kill Points. It wasnt a fun game for me, and probably wasnt for my opponent as I was griping, however it did teach me a few things, which I will list along with the stuff from the second game.

In the second game I went first, and we had Kill Points again and Dawn of War. Probably the only scenario where Long Fangs arent as scary... just.

I setup aggressively in the middle of the board, 24" in, with my Librarian and Combat Squaded my Strike Squad (I needed to be able to kill multiple units).

The Dreadknight & Purifiers setup to roll on in turn 1, and the Terminators split in half to Deepstrike in. Pretty much every dice roll I needed went for me this time, as in turn two, with only 4 Grey Knights dead, my Dreadknight used his Shunt to get in the face of one unit of Longfangs, both my Terminator units turned up and landed where I needed em, and I managed to summon the Purifiers Rhino to the Librarian which meant they wiped out a unit of Grey Hunters, by turn 4 my opponent had only 2 Rhinos left!

1. The Dreadknight is scary hard to take out without a lot of concentrated Firepower, he had 3 Hammerheads Solid shot him, and 7 Plasma shots hit him and only lost 3 wounds! The following turn he charged and killed a unit with 2 Kill Points and that was worth more than his whopping 275 points.

2. Strike Squads are too exspensive and too much of your army to make them something your opponent can ignore (ie leaving them in a back corner of the board).

3. Canny Opponents will get rid of Servo Skulls - Learn to use this to draw them out.

4. Grey Knights are meant for combat, and aggressive play is best.

5. If the luck goes against you... this army gets real hard to win with, real fast. If it goes with you though then things can be very smooth.

In hindsight the army worked ok in one game, and could have worked better in the first with a few tactical changes. I think for now I will keep this list with a few minor tweaks... although as Tom has promised to lend me his Stormraven I will have to build a list to use it and see how it works.

I like the model, and the rules, will just have to see how I can get it in so that it doesnt die on turn 1.

My Stats! ~ 1 Year on

So I began tracking the games I played and my Win / Loss / Draw ratios in April 2010.

Since then I have played:

119 Games!

Of which I have:

Won 41%
Lost: 45%
Drawn: 14%

Overall not the best win ratio in the world, and that does include Magic the Gathering at which I lose nearly every game without fail in any tournament I play in.

My Imperial Guard have had a decent year, winning 45% of their games and only losing 32%.

What does this all mean? Well not much really just some stats and figures. I have copied the Stats I had at the end of March into this post, and will compare how many games I got this year to how many I get in 2011-12.

Imperial Guard:

Played: 44
Won: 20
Lost: 14
Draw: 10

Played: 20
Won: 9
Lost: 7
Draw: 4

Played: 9
Won: 4
Lost: 5
Draw: 0
Played: 4
Won: 2
Lost: 2

Played: 40
Won: 13
Draw: 2
Lost: 25

Dystoypian Wars
Played: 2
Won: 1
Draw: 1
Lost: 0
My aim... to play more games. Would be awesome to also win more games, but I will settle for simply playing more.

I would like to clear 50 games in a Year with 40K, and certainly aim to increase my Trollbloods and Khador games as well.

Enough from me... onto my game time I think!

KoA Doubles Tournament Highlights

Well in our 4 games we played 3 new Opponents and 1 we already knew, can’t ask for more than that in a local tournament really.

I didn’t take detailed notes of all our games, but can give you all some of the highlights.

Game 1:

In our Opening game, our opponents were both relatively new to 40k, with no experience of doubles prior to this game. We end up pretty much tabling them with only one or two Angels left at the end of the game.

Amusing notes from this game was Tom’s inability to hit anything with his Space Wolf Grey Hunters… two rounds of shooting resulted in a total of 3 hits and 1 wound out of about 24 shots!

Sly turned up and Demo charged a Combat squad of 5 guys, who went to ground but still lost 3, in the following turn Sly shot them with his pistol while preparing to charge and killed 1, they then broke and promptly fled off the table.

They had an Assault squad charge my 30 man combined squad, with a Commander and Sanquiary Priest… they slaughtered the squad, to then be left with only 3 models, the Priest, Commander and 1 Assault Marine, 6” from our gunline which basically gave us 3 relatively easy kill points.

In the end we won the game 9 – 1 on kill points.

Game 2:

The Second game was Capture and Control, and this game went well for us until their Stormraven with Dreadnought & Assault Squad arrived. It finished on Turn 4, and at that point we had our objective locked down, and they only had 1 Assault marine left of theirs.

With another round of shooting, barring excessively good luck we would have won by eliminating their last troop choice. Nothing really impressive here from our army, it just did the job we asked it too.

Game 3:

This time we played a fabulously modelled and painted Chaos Daemon and Chaos Space Marine list.

This was another game that came to the last turn, and last few dice rolls, as their Dreadnought had needed a 6 on its run move to contest one of our objectives.

A Chaos Daemon prince, charged my Company command squad in turn 2, and the Company command survived 3 rounds of combat before dying on the fourth. A truly heroic leader for my army.

Their Bloodthirster died on the first turn we could shoot at it, it was MC heavy this list, with a Thirster, 2 Daemon Princes, Soul Grinder and 3 Dreadnoughts… I thought we had the firepower to take on anything… but not quite as much as we needed for this one.

It was also Dawn of War which never helps us, however their MC’s having to move on the from Board edge or deepstrike in actually worked in our favour, as their horrors didn’t arrive till turn 5.

Game 4:

This was our nightmare game, which we only drew because Orks take a long time to move so we ran out of time.

They had 90 models for their troop count in 3 units, and we managed to wipe out 1 of them with 4 turns of shooting… and it took 4 turns of shooting at it.

The Killa Kans (they had 9, 3 squads of 3) had a cover save at all times due to the Mekboy and it made a huge difference.

Highlights in this would be Sly Marbo killing the Mekboy in combat before dying himself, and the Rune Priest charging a unit of 30 boyz on his own! That didn’t end well for him, but was a very Wolfy thing for him to do!

We won the tournament, and it was enjoyable, the only downside being that the hour and half we had for each game cut it a bit tight, but I did get 4 games instead of 3 so I can live with that.

Me, Khador & Units

So while I bought an Assault Commando unit several months ago, I had never actually used it in an army until this last week.

When I got to take some potshots at a Light Warbeast I managed to kill it in two hits! At this point I thought, awesome these guys are really good!

Unfortunately my opponent decided this too, and using their Caster and an awesome spell killed the whole unit save one guy in spell… and then used their Bowshot to kill the remaining guy.

So what I am trying to say is that while a unit may seem pretty good, be careful with them. If you can don’t reveal how good they are until you can actually get them to do what you want.

The worst thing that can happen is for your to half reveal how good they can be for the enemy to kill them early.

In my case I was using a minimum sized Assault Commando unit, as pretty much my only firebase, and while I killed one Warbeast they got slapped around when he decided to focus them.

The list I used was:
Kommanda Scorscha
6 Assault Commando’s
Total: 14 Points

The list has two heavy hitters in Combat (as all Khador Heavy ‘jacks are) and then the Assault Commando’s to pump out some half decent shots. They need very good rolls to be hurting arm 17 or more models, but every little helps!

I have wondered about using these guys with the Butcher, cause his Feat would make them roll 10+3D6 for damage which would be kinda cool.

My Butcher list at the moment is as follows:
Man Hunter
Total: 14 points.

I have previously used him with 3 Juggernauts, but that is relying on me getting Full Throttle off, if I do that then I am probably gonna win without too much difficulty, but I would rather not be reliant on a spell that may very well have counters out there that I don’t know.

I am looking towards a 25 point list. That would give me the option to include some more cool models and will bring in new tactics.

Anyway, more info on this to follow as I play more games!

Dystopian Wars - Scenery!

I know I have been a bit quiet about the Dystopian Wars front for the last couple of months, although thats probably because I have just generally been a bit quiet.

An interesting preview of upcoming models hit the Dypstopian Wars forums this week, with pictures of some Terrain they are planning on releasing, assuming it will be as accurate as all their other Renders have been I quite look forward to this stuff, if nothing else than as a change of pace in my Dystopian Wars painting.

Wargaming Tradecraft!

Another website I found while browsing that has a good list of Blogs, with some clear information about what each blog does.

I advise anyone looking for inspiration to hop on over there to have a look at both the authors content and his Network lists. I am already thinking of changing a couple of things on my site because of ideas just from how he is doing it.

The link to the Network page is here, so go on, pop over and if you want to increase your readership then drop him an email!

March's Games

This month I tried my hand at a few other game systems rather than just 40k.

Overall a decent amount of games played, two tournaments definately helped me out there lol. One for Magic and another Doubles tournament, this time at Kingdom of Adventure!

However we will start with the 40k Results:

1500 Points, Imperial Guard vs Space Wolves, Capture and Control - Loss
Doubles 1 Imperial Guard & Space Wolves vs Dual Blood Angels - Win, 9 Kill Points to 1
Doubles 2 Imperial Guard & Space Wolves vs Blood Angels & Space Marines - Draw
Doubles 3 Imperial Guard & Space Wolves vs Daemons & Chaos Marines - Win, 2-1 Objectives
Doubles 4 Imperial Guard & Space Wolves vs Dual Orks - Draw (though we would have lost had we not run out of time)
2000 Points, Imperial Guard vs Space Marines - Draw (loss if it had continued).

Hordes & Warmachine
15 Points, Trollbloods vs Khador - Loss
15 Points, Trollbloods vs Khador - Loss
15 Points, Trollbloods vs Mercenary - Win
15 Points, Khador vs Legion of Everblight - Win
25 Points, Trollbloods vs Legion of Everblight - Win

Magic the Gathering
Played: 9
Won: 4
Lost: 4
Drawn: 1

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