Me, Khador & Units

So while I bought an Assault Commando unit several months ago, I had never actually used it in an army until this last week.

When I got to take some potshots at a Light Warbeast I managed to kill it in two hits! At this point I thought, awesome these guys are really good!

Unfortunately my opponent decided this too, and using their Caster and an awesome spell killed the whole unit save one guy in spell… and then used their Bowshot to kill the remaining guy.

So what I am trying to say is that while a unit may seem pretty good, be careful with them. If you can don’t reveal how good they are until you can actually get them to do what you want.

The worst thing that can happen is for your to half reveal how good they can be for the enemy to kill them early.

In my case I was using a minimum sized Assault Commando unit, as pretty much my only firebase, and while I killed one Warbeast they got slapped around when he decided to focus them.

The list I used was:
Kommanda Scorscha
6 Assault Commando’s
Total: 14 Points

The list has two heavy hitters in Combat (as all Khador Heavy ‘jacks are) and then the Assault Commando’s to pump out some half decent shots. They need very good rolls to be hurting arm 17 or more models, but every little helps!

I have wondered about using these guys with the Butcher, cause his Feat would make them roll 10+3D6 for damage which would be kinda cool.

My Butcher list at the moment is as follows:
Man Hunter
Total: 14 points.

I have previously used him with 3 Juggernauts, but that is relying on me getting Full Throttle off, if I do that then I am probably gonna win without too much difficulty, but I would rather not be reliant on a spell that may very well have counters out there that I don’t know.

I am looking towards a 25 point list. That would give me the option to include some more cool models and will bring in new tactics.

Anyway, more info on this to follow as I play more games!


Snarfeh said…
The two 'Jacks you have picked are not the ideal for Full Throttle, since it only boosts their melee.
AK's are kinda cool, even if their stats are a bit sucky, with no unit attachments to boost any (unlike WG). I plan to use loads however as I really like their theme. Their main strength is against living models, especial light/medium infantry. A couple of Gas Grenades hitting during Assault & Battery drops their defense making it more likely for AK's to hit with their standard shots and melee attacks.
Kraggi said…
Good point there bout the butcher list. will need to have a rethink and rejig of that me thinks.

I am looking into getting an attachment for the Ak's, I assumed it is only 1 attachment per unit?