25 Points of Hordes.

Deciding to move into a larger points category for the games between my Brother and I we beefed up our armies.

I decided to try out Grissel Bloodsong, and my Runeshapers. Here is the list I came too.

Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller

Earthborn Dire Troll 10
Troll Axer 6
Troll Impaler 5

Trollkin Runeshapers (3) 4

Janissa Stonetide 3
Alten Ashley 2

It is very much a list about what I own, more than perfect synergy. Alten Ashley was included as I didn’t have any other 2 point models to fill the gap.

In my first game with this list I played against my Brothers Legion of Everblight. That game went well for me, as I managed to get the Earthborn in a charge on his caster… it did not end well for him.

He and I are still learning, and along with less than ideal army comps (we tend to buy the mini’s we like) the games can be a bit unusual.

I managed to screw up the use of my Runeshapers, as I thought they would only get to cast 1 Magic attack per unit, rather than one per model… which is the correct way to do this. So that means 3 magical attacks a turn, moving them up in my estimation.

The plan with this list is to try and pound my enemy from range, and when they get close (which they probably will) use the Earthborn to take out their Heavies, and the Axer to deal with infantry.

I can in the longer term look at dropping the Axer for a Troll Impaler, which will give me 1 extra point to allow me to swap out Alten for another Trollkin Solo with a few different options. Possibly a Fel Caller, or Trollkin Champion.

Will be trying this list out again in the next few weeks to see how it does.

Another option is to change Girssel out for Hoarluk which with the same list would give me 3 extra points – another Runeshaper unit, or by dropping Alten another Impaler without having to lose the Axer.

Now I just need to get Hoarluk… I reckon 6 Runeshapers & Janissa Stonetide in 25 points is kinda nasty.

As always opinions, ideas etc let me know!