Grey Knights - 2 Games in

Yesterday I managed to widely different games with my Grey Knights... well widely different outcomes.

I played 1500 points with the following list;

Librarian: 3 x Servo Skulls, The Shrouding, The Summoning

Purifiers x 10, Incinerators x 4, 5 Force Halberds, 1 Daemonhammer, Rhino with Warp Stabilisation Field

Grey Knight Strike Squad x 10, Psybolt Ammunition, 2 Psycannons

Grey Knight Terminators x 10, Psybolt Ammunition, Psycannon x 2, Daemonhammer x 2, Force Halberd x 7, Force Falchions

Dreadknight; Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Personnal Teleporter.

This list played a Tau list designed for killing Orks and a generic 1500 point Space Wolf list. Both games were kill points.

Now I lost the first one, and to be honest felt like I had lost it from around turn 3. We ended up going 6 turns at which point my opponent had tabled me, meaning he had the same number of Kill Points but won the day anyway.

Had I passed that 1 Leadership check, or rolled only a 9 or less on my run distance and I would have won it 6-5 on Kill Points. It wasnt a fun game for me, and probably wasnt for my opponent as I was griping, however it did teach me a few things, which I will list along with the stuff from the second game.

In the second game I went first, and we had Kill Points again and Dawn of War. Probably the only scenario where Long Fangs arent as scary... just.

I setup aggressively in the middle of the board, 24" in, with my Librarian and Combat Squaded my Strike Squad (I needed to be able to kill multiple units).

The Dreadknight & Purifiers setup to roll on in turn 1, and the Terminators split in half to Deepstrike in. Pretty much every dice roll I needed went for me this time, as in turn two, with only 4 Grey Knights dead, my Dreadknight used his Shunt to get in the face of one unit of Longfangs, both my Terminator units turned up and landed where I needed em, and I managed to summon the Purifiers Rhino to the Librarian which meant they wiped out a unit of Grey Hunters, by turn 4 my opponent had only 2 Rhinos left!

1. The Dreadknight is scary hard to take out without a lot of concentrated Firepower, he had 3 Hammerheads Solid shot him, and 7 Plasma shots hit him and only lost 3 wounds! The following turn he charged and killed a unit with 2 Kill Points and that was worth more than his whopping 275 points.

2. Strike Squads are too exspensive and too much of your army to make them something your opponent can ignore (ie leaving them in a back corner of the board).

3. Canny Opponents will get rid of Servo Skulls - Learn to use this to draw them out.

4. Grey Knights are meant for combat, and aggressive play is best.

5. If the luck goes against you... this army gets real hard to win with, real fast. If it goes with you though then things can be very smooth.

In hindsight the army worked ok in one game, and could have worked better in the first with a few tactical changes. I think for now I will keep this list with a few minor tweaks... although as Tom has promised to lend me his Stormraven I will have to build a list to use it and see how it works.

I like the model, and the rules, will just have to see how I can get it in so that it doesnt die on turn 1.


Rusty Nail said…
The more and more I think about it the more I reckon my set up and movement in turn one cost me the game, or rather made it so much easier for you to blow me off the table as I reckon no mater what I'd done you were going to win that one. NB I reckon Grey Knights setting up first in Dawn of War is huge plus for them especially if you have teleporters in your forces, (you'll have to try Interceptors soon as well). Looking foreward to the next couple of games as well.