KoA Doubles Tournament Highlights

Well in our 4 games we played 3 new Opponents and 1 we already knew, can’t ask for more than that in a local tournament really.

I didn’t take detailed notes of all our games, but can give you all some of the highlights.

Game 1:

In our Opening game, our opponents were both relatively new to 40k, with no experience of doubles prior to this game. We end up pretty much tabling them with only one or two Angels left at the end of the game.

Amusing notes from this game was Tom’s inability to hit anything with his Space Wolf Grey Hunters… two rounds of shooting resulted in a total of 3 hits and 1 wound out of about 24 shots!

Sly turned up and Demo charged a Combat squad of 5 guys, who went to ground but still lost 3, in the following turn Sly shot them with his pistol while preparing to charge and killed 1, they then broke and promptly fled off the table.

They had an Assault squad charge my 30 man combined squad, with a Commander and Sanquiary Priest… they slaughtered the squad, to then be left with only 3 models, the Priest, Commander and 1 Assault Marine, 6” from our gunline which basically gave us 3 relatively easy kill points.

In the end we won the game 9 – 1 on kill points.

Game 2:

The Second game was Capture and Control, and this game went well for us until their Stormraven with Dreadnought & Assault Squad arrived. It finished on Turn 4, and at that point we had our objective locked down, and they only had 1 Assault marine left of theirs.

With another round of shooting, barring excessively good luck we would have won by eliminating their last troop choice. Nothing really impressive here from our army, it just did the job we asked it too.

Game 3:

This time we played a fabulously modelled and painted Chaos Daemon and Chaos Space Marine list.

This was another game that came to the last turn, and last few dice rolls, as their Dreadnought had needed a 6 on its run move to contest one of our objectives.

A Chaos Daemon prince, charged my Company command squad in turn 2, and the Company command survived 3 rounds of combat before dying on the fourth. A truly heroic leader for my army.

Their Bloodthirster died on the first turn we could shoot at it, it was MC heavy this list, with a Thirster, 2 Daemon Princes, Soul Grinder and 3 Dreadnoughts… I thought we had the firepower to take on anything… but not quite as much as we needed for this one.

It was also Dawn of War which never helps us, however their MC’s having to move on the from Board edge or deepstrike in actually worked in our favour, as their horrors didn’t arrive till turn 5.

Game 4:

This was our nightmare game, which we only drew because Orks take a long time to move so we ran out of time.

They had 90 models for their troop count in 3 units, and we managed to wipe out 1 of them with 4 turns of shooting… and it took 4 turns of shooting at it.

The Killa Kans (they had 9, 3 squads of 3) had a cover save at all times due to the Mekboy and it made a huge difference.

Highlights in this would be Sly Marbo killing the Mekboy in combat before dying himself, and the Rune Priest charging a unit of 30 boyz on his own! That didn’t end well for him, but was a very Wolfy thing for him to do!

We won the tournament, and it was enjoyable, the only downside being that the hour and half we had for each game cut it a bit tight, but I did get 4 games instead of 3 so I can live with that.


Tom said…
You forgot the main hightlight, which was we won ;o)

Actually all joking aside it was a very good day and the only, (very minor), downsides were the teams getting the bye recieving a win instead of a draw and having an hour and a half for each game. Yes I know it's entirely possible to have a 1500pt game in that time but doubles usually takes longer as people are discussing what to do before moving anything.
Kraggi said…
True on all points, the games were tight games, and that worked for and against us, overall excellent tournament!