My Stats! ~ 1 Year on

So I began tracking the games I played and my Win / Loss / Draw ratios in April 2010.

Since then I have played:

119 Games!

Of which I have:

Won 41%
Lost: 45%
Drawn: 14%

Overall not the best win ratio in the world, and that does include Magic the Gathering at which I lose nearly every game without fail in any tournament I play in.

My Imperial Guard have had a decent year, winning 45% of their games and only losing 32%.

What does this all mean? Well not much really just some stats and figures. I have copied the Stats I had at the end of March into this post, and will compare how many games I got this year to how many I get in 2011-12.

Imperial Guard:

Played: 44
Won: 20
Lost: 14
Draw: 10

Played: 20
Won: 9
Lost: 7
Draw: 4

Played: 9
Won: 4
Lost: 5
Draw: 0
Played: 4
Won: 2
Lost: 2

Played: 40
Won: 13
Draw: 2
Lost: 25

Dystoypian Wars
Played: 2
Won: 1
Draw: 1
Lost: 0
My aim... to play more games. Would be awesome to also win more games, but I will settle for simply playing more.

I would like to clear 50 games in a Year with 40K, and certainly aim to increase my Trollbloods and Khador games as well.

Enough from me... onto my game time I think!