Imperial Guard 750

The Doubles tournament has just come and gone and Tom and I had been busily changing our lists, bearing in mind the problems we had last year, and the new armies that have arrived.

We had written several army lists each, and now settled on the list we wish to take.

My Guard has come along way from the 26 Veterans I took last year. I have bulked it out to 43 Guardsmen.

The new list is:

125th Company Command Squad; 4 x Meltaguns.
Lead by Commander Helason

Guardsmen Marbo

125 Compant, 2nd Infantry Platoon
Command Squad; 4 x Flamers, Meltabomb
Lead by Commander Jeteth
Infantry Squad; Grenade Launcher, Meltabomb
Lead by Sergeant Yano
Infantry Squad; Grenade Launcher, Meltabomb
Lead by Sergeant Tureth
Infantry Squad; Grenade Launcher
Lead by Sergeant Ulitano
Heavy Weapons Team; 3 x Lascannon

Delta Squad, 1st Flight, Vendetta, Varcans Fury
Delta Squad, 2nd Flight, Vendetta, Varcans Honour

Let’s look at the important stats for this list:

750 Points
5 Scoring Units
7 – 10 Kill Points

I have seen many views on the Guard on the net, and had several people provide me with advice on this blog.

The Company Command squad does give me options for dealing with Deepstriking Vehicles, and has a decent threat range. They may also draw extra firepower away from other units in my list.

I know that people don’t like Heavy Weapons teams, and for good reasons as St6 weapons are their Bane. However they do provide a decent level of threat against other peoples Valks & Vendettas, and Stormravens are vulnerable to them.

It also means I don’t need to rely on the Vendetta’s surviving or the Company Command Squad getting in close to kill Landraiders.

The infantry squads may not be massively survivable, but do mean there are lots of scoring units the enemy has to deal with, and a large Blob squad to kill in Kill Point missions (or not if the enemy means this would be a bad idea. The Grenade Launchers are an extra shot against low armour transports (am looking as you Dark Eldar).

I have no Heavy Support slots so as to leave them available for Tom’s Wolf list (no guesses for what he might take in his Heavy Support slots).

Sly Marbo is just a no brainer for me. His ability to cause problems on enemy objectives, or tie up units, or even kill them is totally worth 65 points.

The Vendettas pay for themselves either for redirecting the enemies fire, or carrying troops to become scoring, or just for their offensive firepower.

Overall I was pretty happy with my list, and it has been a long road to get here.

2011 40K Doubles Review!

Ok, so this is me, quickly jotting down some of the Highs and lows of the 2011 40k Doubles tournament I have just returned from.

We played 6 games, winning 4 and losing 2. Accumulating 122 Battle Points, 5722 Victory Points and having had more fun that I thought possible in 6 highly competitive games of 40K.

We finished 21st out of 131 teams. Which was far better than last years tournament, and this year it was even more fun.

I will be writing down some reviews with a few Pictures of the games themselves, however as a Brief overview here is what we faced.

Game 1: vs Chaos Space Marines & Imperial Guard - Victory
Game 2: vs Orks & Orks - Loss
Game 3: vs Space Wolves & Blood Angels - Victory
Game 4: vs Orks & Imperial Guard - Victory
Game 5: vs Blood Angels & Ravenwing - Victory
Game 6: vs Dark Angels & Space Wolves - Loss

I will get these battle reports written up, what I remember of the games so you can hopefully catch some of the fun we had. I would also advise anyone who can make these tournaments to give it a shot as it was just pure awesome!

My Unit of the Tournament was Infantry Squad 3 of my Infantry Platoon. Sergeant Ulitano led them forward against Belial and 5 Deathwing Terminators. They killed 2 from Shooting, 1 in Close Combat and took a Wound off Belial. All of this was done after losing the first round of combat, running away. Rallying and charging back in. Once they charged back in they stayed in combat for 3 Consecutive rounds of Combat before the Sergeant was broken and fled, and even then he had a shot at a lone Space Wolf scout to try and take him out which would have allowed a Long Fang squad to rally. Overall a truly epic performance from them!

Finally I know I needed to post Tom's Space Wolf list, so here it is:

Rune Priest, Terminator Armour, Living Lightning and Murderous Hurricane.

Lone Wolf, Melta-Bombs

Grey Hunter (7), Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Drop Pod

Long Fangs (6), 5 Rocket Launchers
Long Fangs (6), 5 Rocket Launchers
Long Fangs (5), 3 Lascannons, 1 Rocket Launcher
Admittedly this list got a us a lot of stick, but it did exactly what it said on the tin. Between us we designed a list to kill MSU (multiple small unit armies) & Mech and it did that on every occasion we asked it too, except for the last game.
So later this week more pictures, battle reports and some analysis on our list. Hope you all have a fun time till then!

Earthborn Dire Troll

So in line with me trying to get back to two posts a week, here are a few pictures of the Earthborn Dire Troll I picked up a few months ago for my Trollbloods.

He is mostly finished and just needs a bit of tidying up... as you can probably guess most of my models are classed as WIP... however this time I intend to post new pictures of this guy later this month, fully painted and based!

Dystopian Wars Scenery

A quick late post today.

Here is a link to another preview page for the Dystopian Wars.

This time they are showing us some of the Scenery they are making.

Some nice models in here, just a pity there isnt anything for a naval setting yet... but I remain hopeful, and have even more reasons to look forward to the Ground forces when they launch!

For those who dont want to click on the link, here is the picture from the page itself.

Grissel Bloodsong

Here is the first, in what I hope will be many articles on models that I have painted... and yes completed!

This wasnt going to be my first completed post, but I am actually very happy with the Model and how it looks, I appreciate I am hardly Golden Demon Standard (or Silver or Bronze for that matter), but she has come out quite well I think and will look good with her Trollblood force.

Dwarf Warriors vs Bloodletters

Welcome to the first installment of the revised Mathhammer!

So this time I am pitting around 420 points of Dwarves and Bloodletters against each other. That is a 40 man unit of Dwarves with full command and Great Weapon against a 33 Bloodletters strong unit with full command.

First things first... lets look at how likely the Dwarves are to hurt the Bloodletters.

Hit Chance: 50%
Wound Chance: 83%
Failed Bloodletter Ward: 66%

All of this combines to a 27% chance for each Dwarven attack to cause a wound.

On the other side of the combat we have the Bloodletters. Now these guys have the following chances:

Hit Chance: 66%
Wound Chance: 66%

No armour save for the Dwarves though as the Bloodletters strength is just too high! This means that for this article we can ignore the Killing Blow mechanic as any wound already ignores armour saves.

Scenario 1: Horde vs Horde.

Horde vs Horde this means that both units get maximum number of attacks and truly get to duke it out.

So first things first are the Bloodletters attacks, at a higher initiative they get to strike first. In total they get 31 attacks.

These 31 attacks cause a total of 14 wounds.

By response the Dwarves get to attack with every model left, for a total of 27 attacks. These attacks kill 7 Bloodletters.

Here is a snap shot of the two units at the end of the 1st round of Combat.

Both units have two ranks, both units have a standard, this means that the combat resolution is -7, +/- 1 when taking into consideration who charged whom.

This means the Dwarves need a significant chunk of good luck to be able to win this combat, or even to pass the test at the end of the first round.

Scenario 2: 5 Wide

This time the Dwarves (sensibly in my mind) form up only 5 wide and as deep as they can go. This way they know they will be steadfast at the end of combat.

Once again the Bloodletters strike first with 19 attacks. They cause a total of 8 wounds.

Now it is the Dwarves turn, they get 11 attacks back and manage to kill 3 Bloodletters.

Here is the overview of the two units at the end of Combat.

So what does this mean for the Dwarves? Well not a lot of good news to be honest. They lost combat by 4 this time. Although they are Steadfast so shouldnt be going anywhere quickly.

Well in conclusion the Bloodletters win both of these combats very convincingly, and if by some miracle the Dwarves dont break and run when they are 10 wide they end up losing combat in a little under 2 more rounds of combat just due to a lack of models.

The second formation is better... but only a little as they will still lose 8 models a turn for the next two turns (on average), which means they may not even be steadfast after two more rounds of combat.

However... if you do happen to have a unit of Dwarves with Great Weapons being charged by Bloodletters I would strongly advise using them in the 5 wide formation. This way they are not going to be running anywhere and -4 requires a smaller swing in luck your way than the previous formation.

Next time.... Longbeards. We will see how much better or worse they fair than the Great Weapon Dwarves. 

Dystopian Wars - Dreadnoughts Incoming?

Another day... another Dystopian Wars post. Must be a monthly thing for me as this is nearly a whole week of Dystopian Wars info... and I am sure I have missed some of it lol.

Here is a quick cut & paste job from this page.

It gives us some of the information on the upcoming Dreadnought models for the 4 starter factions. No pictures yet, or even CAD designs. So this will be the first time I have posted something rules related with no pictures for this games system!

Britannia Majesty Class Dreadnought

This model can be fitted with up to TWO Shield Generators. These are costed at 20 points each. The Main turrets of this model have a 270 degree arc of fire. But the Beam Turrets (2 turrets on the side decks) ONLY have a 180 degree arc of fire facing Port or Starboard, while the Torpedoes have a Fixed Channel. This model has SIX Primary turrets, four of which uses the Main Turret (P) statistic line and two of which use the Beam Turret (P) statistic line.

Prussian Empire Blucher Class Dreadnought

This model can add up to TWO Generators to its design. It can choose from a UPG/Calcification Generator, Shield Generator or Tesla Generator. The Generators cost 20 points each. The Main Turrets have a 270 degree Arc of Fire. Tesla Coil weapons on this model use Fixed Channels which are the WIDTH of the facing of the model. This model has FOUR Primary turrets, each of which uses the Main Turrets (P) statistic line.

FSA Enterprise Class Dreadnought

This modelcan add up to TWO Generators to its design. It can choose from a Kinetic Generator or a Shield Generator. The Generators cost 20 points each. This model has THREE Primary turrets, each of which uses the Main Turrets (P) statistic line. This model has two Rocket Batteries and each is activated individually. You therefore make all measurements from the centre of each Battery for calculating Line of Sight and Range. The THREE Main Turrets (P) have a 270 degree Arc of Fire. The Rocket Batteries each have a 360 degree Arc of fire.

Blazing Sun Hachiman Class Dreadnought

This model is fitted with either a Disruption Generator OR a Shield Generator, for NO points difference. The THREE Main Turrets have a 270 degree Arc of Fire, the Fore Torpedoes have a Fixed Channel and the Rockets have 360 degree Arc of Fire. When firing the Rockets measure from the middle of the model for Line of Sight and Ranges. This model has THREE Primary turrets, each of which uses the Main Turrets (P) statistic line.

Dystopian Wars - Battle 2 Pictures Pt2

Here is the conclusion to the supersized game of Dystopian Wars. Still not lots of info on this, but I have tried to provide witty comments... probably failed though!

The first casualties!

 The Kingdom of Britannia advances!
 The Prussian Forces advance.
 One Frigate... we can do it lads!
 Closing in!

 Up Close and personnal
 Carrier down! Carrier down!
 Bombed Battleship
 Bombed Battleship Pt2
 Bombed Battleship Pt 3
 Its our turn!
 The Survivors from the Prussian Empire, their damage and fuel Counters.

The Survivors from the Kingdom of Britannai, their damage and fuel counters.

Dystopian Wars - Battle Pictues Pt 1

This is a quick post with some pictures of a game my Brother and I played at the end of December. There are so many pictures will be a done over a couple of posts.

Unfortunatley cant remember much of the details regarding this fight, except that I won when my Brothers forces decided to retreat the battlefield.

We played on a 6' x 6' board and while it is an immense size it was also a very fun game. I reckon that with the amount of models we had we should have stuck to a smaller size board, but it does give you more options.

The Prussian Forces

 The Britannia Forces

 The Setup Wideshot

Dystopian Wars - American Flying Robot!



The post title does just about say it all.

In all honesty, this model is the first one I have seen from Spartan Games which I sort of thought 'Meh' at.

However I did that for the Britannia Avenger Carrier... and when I got my hands on it and painted it I had to say Wow!

Dystopian Wars - Ikka Squid

Another day, another picture, this one potentially behind what other people will have posted, but here is the Blazing Sun's Submarine Squid!

It looks awesome!

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