Dwarven Combat


First off apologies for the lack of activity on the blog... been very busy with potential shift changes at work, and I ran out of my backup posts! Will be getting some more up this week.

So 3 posts in and I got an email from a good Friend pointing out a different and potentially better way to do the Dwarven Combat posts.

He suggested doing the comparisons across several Dwarven Units to identify which is best suited to each enemy unit.

Now I will make no bones about it, but I am of the belief that the Ironbreakers will win this competition time and again... however I havent done the Maths on any of the other units yet.

So what I am going to do over the next two weeks is post sample 1st Round of Combats for each of the following Dwarven Units against the same unit of Bloodletters. I will also be fitting in a combat against some bretonnian units for a Friend that has asked for some info on that.

Hammerers x 30
Slayers x 30
Longbeards x 30
Dwarf Warriors x 30

Now these are not all the same points size, but it will give a good spread of what each of these units can deal with, and how effective they are going to be.

As usual, comments/suggestions are more than welcome on the posts, or emailed to me at varcancluster@sky.com.


Tom said…
Just to add more to your plate - I would have thought rather than just using units of 30 why not also do an equivalent points value?
i.e. Once you've done the math for one unit of 30 v's the Bloodletters then take the unit sized up or down to match the points cost of your unit of 30 Ironbreakers and use that for the math against the unit of Bloodletters?
It seems like a lot of work but you love it really!
Kraggi said…
Damn you... damn you Tom!

Ok so that sounds like a good idea. Will do another post about the unit sizes for these guys to confirm how many in each unit and their relative points value.

The maths wont take much to modify .
RTGamer said…
Tom is correct. Yes 30 of each type Ironbreakers will win but they cost a lot more points than the warriors.

Looking forward to this.
Kraggi said…
Yeah, gonna do another post tomorrow or over the weekend clarifying to see who has the best bang for their buck.

It will mean including a 5th choice as I totally forgot about the Hammerers... bad Kraggi.