Dwarven Combat - 3rd Revision

So people keep giving me suggestions... and to prove I am paying attention I will keep modifying this till people feel happy with it.

The changes this time are the following. I will be testing 5 Dwarf units, of equal points sizes (or very close) against one enemy unit of the same point size to try and determine which Dwarven unit is truly the best combat unit.

I have a suspicion that the Ironbreakers will win this... but we will let the maths decide!

So my five units are:

40 Dwarf Warriors, Full Command, Great Weapons; 425 Points
33 Dwarf Longbeards, Full Command, Shields; 421 Points
33 Hammerers, Full Command; 426 Points
30 Ironbreakers, Full Command; 420 Points
30 Slayers, Standard, Musician & 6 Giant Slayers; 427 Points

I will try each of these Dwarf units in a Horde formation, and the more commonly used 5 wide formation.

This means I will have around 420 points to kit out a unit to fight against them.

The first unit will be a unit of 33 Bloodletters of Khorne with full command. These guys rock in at 426 Points.

I will list the Percentages for each of my Dwarf units to cause a wound against the Bloodletters which will allow me to figure out a % chance for each Dwarven attack to cause a Casualty against the Bloodletters, and I will do the same for the Bloodletters, and from there it is simple maths.

Hope you enjoy the next few posts, and I am accepting suggestions for the next unit for me to face after the Bloodletters.