2011 40K Doubles Review!

Ok, so this is me, quickly jotting down some of the Highs and lows of the 2011 40k Doubles tournament I have just returned from.

We played 6 games, winning 4 and losing 2. Accumulating 122 Battle Points, 5722 Victory Points and having had more fun that I thought possible in 6 highly competitive games of 40K.

We finished 21st out of 131 teams. Which was far better than last years tournament, and this year it was even more fun.

I will be writing down some reviews with a few Pictures of the games themselves, however as a Brief overview here is what we faced.

Game 1: vs Chaos Space Marines & Imperial Guard - Victory
Game 2: vs Orks & Orks - Loss
Game 3: vs Space Wolves & Blood Angels - Victory
Game 4: vs Orks & Imperial Guard - Victory
Game 5: vs Blood Angels & Ravenwing - Victory
Game 6: vs Dark Angels & Space Wolves - Loss

I will get these battle reports written up, what I remember of the games so you can hopefully catch some of the fun we had. I would also advise anyone who can make these tournaments to give it a shot as it was just pure awesome!

My Unit of the Tournament was Infantry Squad 3 of my Infantry Platoon. Sergeant Ulitano led them forward against Belial and 5 Deathwing Terminators. They killed 2 from Shooting, 1 in Close Combat and took a Wound off Belial. All of this was done after losing the first round of combat, running away. Rallying and charging back in. Once they charged back in they stayed in combat for 3 Consecutive rounds of Combat before the Sergeant was broken and fled, and even then he had a shot at a lone Space Wolf scout to try and take him out which would have allowed a Long Fang squad to rally. Overall a truly epic performance from them!

Finally I know I needed to post Tom's Space Wolf list, so here it is:

Rune Priest, Terminator Armour, Living Lightning and Murderous Hurricane.

Lone Wolf, Melta-Bombs

Grey Hunter (7), Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Drop Pod

Long Fangs (6), 5 Rocket Launchers
Long Fangs (6), 5 Rocket Launchers
Long Fangs (5), 3 Lascannons, 1 Rocket Launcher
Admittedly this list got a us a lot of stick, but it did exactly what it said on the tin. Between us we designed a list to kill MSU (multiple small unit armies) & Mech and it did that on every occasion we asked it too, except for the last game.
So later this week more pictures, battle reports and some analysis on our list. Hope you all have a fun time till then!


Dezartfox said…
Do you have a results sheet? We didn't get to see where we came because we had to go.
ticket 092, Tim Davis and Piers Barrow.:)
Kraggi said…
Dont have it with me as I am at work, but will check it tonight, and post your position.

Did you have a good fun tournament? Was gutted you didnt get best army.
Dezartfox said…
yeah was fantastic weekend!
And we played the guys who won best painted, was well deserved :) Great guys and a great army
We've already started our plans for next year!
Tom said…
Can I just second pretty much everything John said up there, it was a great weekend, we didn't have anything less than good opponents in every single game, even up on the top 10 tables, in fact the best was on table 5, the last game where we got blown off the table but still had a blast!

NB Tim I liked the Orc army but still thought yours and Piers was better, by a significant margin as well.

Kraggi said…
Well upon further consultation of the tables.

You guys finished in...

::Drum Roll::


With 131 points (so I reckon that is 4 Wins, 1 Draw, 1 Loss) and 4795 Victory points!


- Tom next time our aim is to finish higher than these guys :-)
Dezartfox said…
Higher than we thought!
Cheers :)
Tom said…
Just noticed, Game 5 should be Raven Guard not Ravenwing!!