Dystopian Wars - Battle Pictues Pt 1

This is a quick post with some pictures of a game my Brother and I played at the end of December. There are so many pictures will be a done over a couple of posts.

Unfortunatley cant remember much of the details regarding this fight, except that I won when my Brothers forces decided to retreat the battlefield.

We played on a 6' x 6' board and while it is an immense size it was also a very fun game. I reckon that with the amount of models we had we should have stuck to a smaller size board, but it does give you more options.

The Prussian Forces

 The Britannia Forces

 The Setup Wideshot


Porky said…
That looks excellent and the hills work brilliantly. I'm looking forward to seeing the sides get in among each other.
Kraggi said…
It was a fun game, just a pity it has taken me so long to post it as most of the details have gone from my head lol.

Hoping for a rematch with fully painted forces next time!