Imperial Guard 750

The Doubles tournament has just come and gone and Tom and I had been busily changing our lists, bearing in mind the problems we had last year, and the new armies that have arrived.

We had written several army lists each, and now settled on the list we wish to take.

My Guard has come along way from the 26 Veterans I took last year. I have bulked it out to 43 Guardsmen.

The new list is:

125th Company Command Squad; 4 x Meltaguns.
Lead by Commander Helason

Guardsmen Marbo

125 Compant, 2nd Infantry Platoon
Command Squad; 4 x Flamers, Meltabomb
Lead by Commander Jeteth
Infantry Squad; Grenade Launcher, Meltabomb
Lead by Sergeant Yano
Infantry Squad; Grenade Launcher, Meltabomb
Lead by Sergeant Tureth
Infantry Squad; Grenade Launcher
Lead by Sergeant Ulitano
Heavy Weapons Team; 3 x Lascannon

Delta Squad, 1st Flight, Vendetta, Varcans Fury
Delta Squad, 2nd Flight, Vendetta, Varcans Honour

Let’s look at the important stats for this list:

750 Points
5 Scoring Units
7 – 10 Kill Points

I have seen many views on the Guard on the net, and had several people provide me with advice on this blog.

The Company Command squad does give me options for dealing with Deepstriking Vehicles, and has a decent threat range. They may also draw extra firepower away from other units in my list.

I know that people don’t like Heavy Weapons teams, and for good reasons as St6 weapons are their Bane. However they do provide a decent level of threat against other peoples Valks & Vendettas, and Stormravens are vulnerable to them.

It also means I don’t need to rely on the Vendetta’s surviving or the Company Command Squad getting in close to kill Landraiders.

The infantry squads may not be massively survivable, but do mean there are lots of scoring units the enemy has to deal with, and a large Blob squad to kill in Kill Point missions (or not if the enemy means this would be a bad idea. The Grenade Launchers are an extra shot against low armour transports (am looking as you Dark Eldar).

I have no Heavy Support slots so as to leave them available for Tom’s Wolf list (no guesses for what he might take in his Heavy Support slots).

Sly Marbo is just a no brainer for me. His ability to cause problems on enemy objectives, or tie up units, or even kill them is totally worth 65 points.

The Vendettas pay for themselves either for redirecting the enemies fire, or carrying troops to become scoring, or just for their offensive firepower.

Overall I was pretty happy with my list, and it has been a long road to get here.