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Spartan Games do it again!

So I have to say that I have a weakness for model games, as pretty much anyone can tell from my blog.

This weakness seems to exploited on an annual basis by Spartan games. Their last release Firestorm Armarda really caught my imagination, and while I havent managed many games of it in the last year, I still really love the models.

Now they are releasing a new game.

Now for those of you who dont want to click on links while reading a blog here is a quick overview of my understanding so far.

It is basically a combination of Uncharted Seas & Firestorm Armarda using their basic D6 system, which is really easy to use and understand. It will have Land, Air and Sea components so will be interesting to see how they merge the Land and Sea Elements. I imagine the Flying side of things will slot in quite nicely with both with little difficulty.

The models for each of the four nations they have released thus far look very nice, and I can honestly say I think each of the four Nations look fabulous.

I have included some pictures below of the their concept renders for each of the fours nations being released at launch.

Now my problem... well there isnt a faction shown above that I dont like the models for, they all look jawdroppingly good and I want it all. An Airballon Carrier?! Spider Tanks?! Paddle Wheel battleships!?

I also really really like their map page as this opens up an interesting way to give information... and set it up for a worldwide campaign?! I can but hope.

This is supposed to hit next month and I cannot wait!

You can see my reviews of Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas here.

As an update, here is the link to my Dystopian Wars page, and the Review of the game.

An Army Calling to me…

So I am currently enjoying my Imperial Guard, I look forward to adding Inquisition forces at a later time when their Codex comes out, and I have a health supply of Necrons who are quite simply sleeping in their Plastic tombs at the moment (very fluffy I feel).

However each time GW releases new shiney models I have to resist the urge to pick up a new army. This does get easier with age, and I have to admit that while I have no intent of playing the Dark Eldar… painting some of their models holds huge appeal. The main reason I am not greedily preordering more models is because I currently have a backlog of Khador, Trollbloods and Imperial Guard that need painting.

Every so often I feel a twinge to start… a calling deep in the back of my mind. Its calling me back to the Hivemind.

Now I am pretty sure that anyone reading this from my local store is doing one of two things… they are either laughing at me, or they are shouting no at their computer. Mainly cause I threw a proper nerd rage geek out when I finally got my hands on the Codex, mainly because I was having to change my army so radically from what I had used before. It wasn’t pretty… it almost certainly was funny for those watching and I think the best way to deal with my issues is to poke fun at them in the public forum of the interwebz.
If you go back far enough through this blog you will probably find posts I made immediately after this, but no I am not providing you any assistance in finding them.
I keep thinking about trying to make a list out of the models I have, and now that I am a little older (well 9 months or so) and maybe a little wiser I would be able to play the army to have fun and not view it as such a terrible let down and money sink.
Hopefully its just a phase I am going through… at least until my current armies are painted and the company I work for is offering overtime on a daily basis…

Planning for the Dark Eldar

Hello faithful readers. I say faithful as the infrequent nature of my posting recently certainly means anyone who has this book marked has faith I will keep posting, and for those people I apologise for a lack of posts in recent months. I was going to blame the summer then realised that October had rolled on and I could hardly do that! A Special mention to my friendly Blood Angels player Mel who (I am told) has been commenting on my lack of posts.

With luck my posting will get back on track to around once a week minimum, the upcoming release of Dark Eldar will surely pull me back into 40k games.

So what are my plans regarding the Dark Eldar? Well not much really. My current list of IG will not be changing till I have played them a few times.

To refresh your memories (and mine), and for any new people to my Blog my current list runs to the tune of:

Company Command Squad; 4 x Grenade Launchers, Astropath

Sly Marbo

Veteran Squad, 3 Meltaguns
Veteran Squad, 3 Meltaguns
Veteran Squad, 3 Grenade Launchers
Veteran Squad, 3 Flamers

Vendetta Squadron, 2 Vendettas
Vendetta Squadron, 2 Vendettas

Leman Russ Demolisher
Leman Russ Demolisher
Leman Russ Vanquisher w/Multi Melta Sponsors, Pask

This list has served me ok in the last few games it has played. The Nature of it has evolved from an all Reserving Alpha strike which was pretty much reliant on one opening turn of shooting, now with the Leman Russ' starting on the table I have a good basis of Firepower that people need to worry about in addition to my flyers and Vets.

For anyone wondering I have themed it on the idea of a decimated Armoured Company needing Infantry support to Hold/Capture/Annhilate the enemy, hence the silly amount of Outflanking/Scouting Vendettas.

Against the Dark Eldar the things that currently worry me are their Dark Lances. Although having not read the book I cannot promise that is all the concerns me.

They can do a lot of Poison wounds which doesnt really fuss me too much, nor does the awesome power they have in Combat... if my Guardsmen are in Combat then it has gone a little bit Pete Tong.

The Russ's will suffer losing their armour advantages, although getting first turn could work well if I can get some nice shots off on exposed Raiders (we currently don't have lots of terrain in our gaming group).

I honestly expect that the list will change because of the Dark Eldar, most likely will be the inclusion of a Hydra or two and dropping a Vanquisher and Demolisher. I will also look at bringing back a Valkyrie for Templates of doom (well sort of).

I acutally found myself sitting and writing a brand new army list, something that I thought would do well against Dark Eldar, and pack a reason punch against the Space Marine heavy gaming group we have... my hope is that Lances will drop people from Two Land Raiders down to one. However halfway through  writing it I sat back and thought about why I was doing it...

The only answer I could come up with was as a Knee Jerk reaction to rumours (confirmed or otherwise) of a Codex I don't yet own, let alone having seen. So I supressed the urge to make panic changes.

To anyone reading this I would advise you to stick with your current lists for at least a couple of games when the Dark Eldar hit in your local area. If you have a list that has done well and you have built as an all comers list then have faith. The Vast majority of lists out there should not fair too badly against the Dark Eldar, and as you get the experience of how they play, then look at what to change in your list.

Anyway, thats me for now. Hopefully another post will be following shortly.


So a quick post, I just wanted to share with you all one of my favourite paint jobs, not specifically for the close up looks of the painting, but more for the overall effect of the model.

My Recent Games

So in the last few weeks I have managed around One 40k game a week. This list itself has had some very close calls, although it hasnt won recently it (Thank you for reminding me of this Tom!).

It has managed two close losses and one close draw. All three of the games have been against Tom's Space Wolves, and I think each of the Three games has gone all the way to 7 turns after a Spearhead deployment.

The tanks I have included have proven useful in upsetting my opponents plans... I have to say that Melta does hurt, I will also have to see how my Army performs against a horde list.

There is a tournament this week at my Local Gaming store which I am hopeful I can attend. My Brother won the last one, so I feel this time I need to turn up and hopefully beat his army (!).

Other than that I have made no revisions to my army list, its doing its job, and i really just need to learn how to use it and not make mistakes. If I can do this then I think I will see a Marked improvement in the results.

A Different Type of Game

So after mentioning in a previous post that I wasn't going to talk about Magic the Gathering... here I am not only talking about it but posting it!

It all started when the Manager of my FLGS, Dave asked me if I fancied a Demo game of it. 

So having a bit of time to kill between being beaten by Space Wolves I took him up at his offer. He then very patiently talked me through the basics of how to play, the differences of the 5 colours. He did soundly beat me in both of the Demo games I played, much to my amusement. I had two games, and in the end went away with my very own Demo deck.

So I took this home to my Wife, and badgered her into a game of it. Now admitedly this didnt work out too well as I didnt know the rules, and couldnt clarify or answer her questions. However we did manage to play the game through once, and I lost.

A couple of days later the night before a good friends wedding he stopped over with us so his lovely bride to be had space and he had company (and shackles to stop him running). When he arrived we had just bought a DVD in (Zombieland to be precise) to watch and chill out to. Anyway as we were preparing the movie he spied my Magic Cards and asked me for a game. 

Now at this point I had figured out a little bit more of the game and bought an Intro Deck. So we played through 3 games, I won 1 and lost the next two. The two of us had a great laugh, as did my Wife as she provided Tacitcal support and assitance for him. 

The week following the wedding ended with both me and my friend Matt in our local store so he could get a demo game, this time from someone who knew the rules. He played a couple of demo's and really enjoyed it, resulting in him picking up some more cards.

We went back to our flat as he and his now Wife were stopping over at mine for food and a movie fest. The following day after we had got up and breakfasted we all sat down to play a 4 way game of Magic. What happened then was a very very enjoyable afternoon and 6 hours of constant Magic games. We didnt get the rules all right but we definately enjoyed ourselves.

So time moved on again and on the following week we went round to Mat's flat for an evening meal and more games of Magic, four player games that took some time but were very enjoyable. I lost all of those without fail.

Then later during the Week myself and my Wife headed over to the local store for her to get a Demo of how its supposed to be played (I did mention we are not very good with the rules), she ended up with a Demo deck, and more cards bought. We picked up a couple of Intro decks and a Duel deck, which were basically pre built decks ready to go out of the packaging.

Out of the five games that night I won 1, and lost the next 4. We now have plans to take Matt's wife Debbie into the store for her official demo, and plans for more MTG nights in the future.

As games goes it was a pretty easy and quick game to pick up, something we all enjoyed playing as a group. I have lost far more games than I have won, and have to say that it has so far not been a frustrating experience, partly I think because I am not spending time and care buying, modelling and painting models to then take them off the table on turn 1.

The game is cheap to play in a friendly enviroment, with very little time to setup and play.

All in all I have to say this is the most enjoyable CCG I have played (although I havent played many), and is an aspect of my Geek side that I can enjoy with my wife... admittedly she is beating me 9 times out of 10.

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