A Different Type of Game

So after mentioning in a previous post that I wasn't going to talk about Magic the Gathering... here I am not only talking about it but posting it!

It all started when the Manager of my FLGS, Dave asked me if I fancied a Demo game of it. 

So having a bit of time to kill between being beaten by Space Wolves I took him up at his offer. He then very patiently talked me through the basics of how to play, the differences of the 5 colours. He did soundly beat me in both of the Demo games I played, much to my amusement. I had two games, and in the end went away with my very own Demo deck.

So I took this home to my Wife, and badgered her into a game of it. Now admitedly this didnt work out too well as I didnt know the rules, and couldnt clarify or answer her questions. However we did manage to play the game through once, and I lost.

A couple of days later the night before a good friends wedding he stopped over with us so his lovely bride to be had space and he had company (and shackles to stop him running). When he arrived we had just bought a DVD in (Zombieland to be precise) to watch and chill out to. Anyway as we were preparing the movie he spied my Magic Cards and asked me for a game. 

Now at this point I had figured out a little bit more of the game and bought an Intro Deck. So we played through 3 games, I won 1 and lost the next two. The two of us had a great laugh, as did my Wife as she provided Tacitcal support and assitance for him. 

The week following the wedding ended with both me and my friend Matt in our local store so he could get a demo game, this time from someone who knew the rules. He played a couple of demo's and really enjoyed it, resulting in him picking up some more cards.

We went back to our flat as he and his now Wife were stopping over at mine for food and a movie fest. The following day after we had got up and breakfasted we all sat down to play a 4 way game of Magic. What happened then was a very very enjoyable afternoon and 6 hours of constant Magic games. We didnt get the rules all right but we definately enjoyed ourselves.

So time moved on again and on the following week we went round to Mat's flat for an evening meal and more games of Magic, four player games that took some time but were very enjoyable. I lost all of those without fail.

Then later during the Week myself and my Wife headed over to the local store for her to get a Demo of how its supposed to be played (I did mention we are not very good with the rules), she ended up with a Demo deck, and more cards bought. We picked up a couple of Intro decks and a Duel deck, which were basically pre built decks ready to go out of the packaging.

Out of the five games that night I won 1, and lost the next 4. We now have plans to take Matt's wife Debbie into the store for her official demo, and plans for more MTG nights in the future.

As games goes it was a pretty easy and quick game to pick up, something we all enjoyed playing as a group. I have lost far more games than I have won, and have to say that it has so far not been a frustrating experience, partly I think because I am not spending time and care buying, modelling and painting models to then take them off the table on turn 1.

The game is cheap to play in a friendly enviroment, with very little time to setup and play.

All in all I have to say this is the most enjoyable CCG I have played (although I havent played many), and is an aspect of my Geek side that I can enjoy with my wife... admittedly she is beating me 9 times out of 10.