So a quick post, I just wanted to share with you all one of my favourite paint jobs, not specifically for the close up looks of the painting, but more for the overall effect of the model.

I orginally posted this up back in 2010, but decided to boost it up and let more people see it. I am debating repainting it as he was originally done in 2005

This Model was bought for me by my Wife on our first Christmas as a couple... and I really enjoyed painting it... especially the fire.

Since then I have painted fire on several models, I have even Green stuffed it onto Weapons so I could paint it, although those models have long since found their way to ebay.

Reviewing the pictures now I am thinking about repainting this guy, or at the very least touching up his paint job. 

This is one of those models I have never used in a game, and only got because of how awesome it is, the newer plastic model looks cool too, but its nice to say I have the original Metal Balrog.... Gandalf might be around here somewhere as well...