My Recent Games

So in the last few weeks I have managed around One 40k game a week. This list itself has had some very close calls, although it hasnt won recently it (Thank you for reminding me of this Tom!).

It has managed two close losses and one close draw. All three of the games have been against Tom's Space Wolves, and I think each of the Three games has gone all the way to 7 turns after a Spearhead deployment.

The tanks I have included have proven useful in upsetting my opponents plans... I have to say that Melta does hurt, I will also have to see how my Army performs against a horde list.

There is a tournament this week at my Local Gaming store which I am hopeful I can attend. My Brother won the last one, so I feel this time I need to turn up and hopefully beat his army (!).

Other than that I have made no revisions to my army list, its doing its job, and i really just need to learn how to use it and not make mistakes. If I can do this then I think I will see a Marked improvement in the results.