Spartan Games - Dystopian Wars

Spartan Games do it again!

So I have to say that I have a weakness for model games, as pretty much anyone can tell from my blog.

This weakness seems to exploited on an annual basis by Spartan games. Their last release Firestorm Armarda really caught my imagination, and while I havent managed many games of it in the last year, I still really love the models.

Now they are releasing a new game.

Now for those of you who dont want to click on links while reading a blog here is a quick overview of my understanding so far.

It is basically a combination of Uncharted Seas & Firestorm Armarda using their basic D6 system, which is really easy to use and understand. It will have Land, Air and Sea components so will be interesting to see how they merge the Land and Sea Elements. I imagine the Flying side of things will slot in quite nicely with both with little difficulty.

The models for each of the four nations they have released thus far look very nice, and I can honestly say I think each of the four Nations look fabulous.

I have included some pictures below of the their concept renders for each of the fours nations being released at launch.

Now my problem... well there isnt a faction shown above that I dont like the models for, they all look jawdroppingly good and I want it all. An Airballon Carrier?! Spider Tanks?! Paddle Wheel battleships!?

I also really really like their map page as this opens up an interesting way to give information... and set it up for a worldwide campaign?! I can but hope.

This is supposed to hit next month and I cannot wait!

You can see my reviews of Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas here.

As an update, here is the link to my Dystopian Wars page, and the Review of the game.


melsmith33 said…
I really need to stop reading your blog, last time you got my whole family started on Magic, now this, must resist, must resist.
Kraggi said…
Dont stop reading it! I am sure you make up a large percentage of my traffic. Hehe.

I just got the release date from Dave today, and it looks like it comes out around the 24th Nov (barring any delays).

I am going to get him to put a couple of Starter forces for me and the rulebook. That way with two forces I can introduce people to it and run demos and the like.