An Army Calling to me…

So I am currently enjoying my Imperial Guard, I look forward to adding Inquisition forces at a later time when their Codex comes out, and I have a health supply of Necrons who are quite simply sleeping in their Plastic tombs at the moment (very fluffy I feel).

However each time GW releases new shiney models I have to resist the urge to pick up a new army. This does get easier with age, and I have to admit that while I have no intent of playing the Dark Eldar… painting some of their models holds huge appeal. The main reason I am not greedily preordering more models is because I currently have a backlog of Khador, Trollbloods and Imperial Guard that need painting.

Every so often I feel a twinge to start… a calling deep in the back of my mind. Its calling me back to the Hivemind.

Now I am pretty sure that anyone reading this from my local store is doing one of two things… they are either laughing at me, or they are shouting no at their computer. Mainly cause I threw a proper nerd rage geek out when I finally got my hands on the Codex, mainly because I was having to change my army so radically from what I had used before. It wasn’t pretty… it almost certainly was funny for those watching and I think the best way to deal with my issues is to poke fun at them in the public forum of the interwebz.
If you go back far enough through this blog you will probably find posts I made immediately after this, but no I am not providing you any assistance in finding them.
I keep thinking about trying to make a list out of the models I have, and now that I am a little older (well 9 months or so) and maybe a little wiser I would be able to play the army to have fun and not view it as such a terrible let down and money sink.
Hopefully its just a phase I am going through… at least until my current armies are painted and the company I work for is offering overtime on a daily basis…


Tom said…
"Shakes Head"
Kraggi said…
Lol... What can I say? I figured this one would get a post from you.
Tom said…
To be honest I'm looking forward to the return of the nids - I reckon that whilst the Space Puppies should be able to beat them most of the time one or two mistakes and I'm a genestealers lunch!
I'm currently in my second phase of being a Tyranid player and originally still had some models left. When I heard back in late 2009 about the 5th edition codex, my attitude was not to dump Tyranids but to re-build them. Now I have about 4,000 - 5,000 points of them
Kraggi said…
Doom Lord if only i had done that, however my hissy fit meant a fair few of my models are now in someone elses hands.

I orignally started playing them when their first Codex came out, I then started them up again with the rerelease in 2000/2001 (?) and then again in 2006. At the time the new codex came out I had around 5-6000 points and after find a lot of my models were not as useful anymore I dropped them.

Hopefully they will see service again and soon... just need to find out what i have left lol.