Lords & Heroes - More Characterful?

I think that giving names and backgrounds to your Characters helps you feel attached to them, and while in normal Games of Warhammer you cannot gain ‘experience’ in the same way as systems like Mordhiem, if you are able to resist the urge to deck your Character out from the offset, then you can still build the character up as the battles go on, even if all it is by simply increasing the Magic / Runic items that you are willing to give them.

So to test my theory… I am going to call on Rundorik Dorriksson, the Dwarf Lord of the Dorriksson clan who live under the Grey Mountains.

He has seen a lot of action recently, and this is what leads me to name him. His recent campaigns lead him into the 7th Edition Swansong Tournament where he performed admirably in each of the games, well except against the High Elves (but we are sort of ignoring that).

He did ‘die’ or ‘fall in battle’ twice, once against a Daemons of Chaos force, and once against the High Elves.

What I intend to do is give my Characters a set number of ‘Lives’ this will equal their Wounds characteristic. Each time the Character ‘dies’ in a game he will lose a life. Once he has lost all of his lives he must pass a toughness test after each subsequent death. If he fails this test then he is dead. Now with a Dwarf it does give them a good staying power, however knowing my luck Rundorik will be dead after his fourth in game death.

When a Character of mine dies I will promote one of my other Characters to fill in the gap, so one of my Thanes will step up to be the Clanlord. His weapons and equipment will move with him and I will have a new Lord to do battle with.

I am planning to start following this strategy with the Launch of 8th Edition, and hopefully Dorriksson will survive many battles, however should he fall there will be a Thane waiting in the Wings to lead the Clan.

I currently have a name and a Runic Item loadout for each of my Characters, however I do intend to try any replacement Characters in at least one game with very minimal Runic Items.

The View I am taking on it is that the Runesmith is unwilling to make Runic Items for untested Dwarves and will reserve judgement until they have been tried.

Obviously a replacement Runesmith has the advantage that they don’t need to get someone one else to create their items, so Runic items for them will always be available.

So in summary:

  1. Each Character Currently in the Army has a number of Lives equal to their Wounds
  2. Each time a Character is killed in a game they will lose a Life
  3. When they reach 0 Lives they must pass a Toughness Test or else the die Permanently.
I will keep you informed of Rundoriks Dorrikssons lives and his achievements, once he has set the bar, I will know what to expect from the next Dwarf Lord.

So here is the current information on Rundorik Dorriksson;

Rundorik Dorriksson, Dwarf Lord; Shield Bearers, Great Weapon, Runic Armour with Rune of Preservation, Rune of Stone & Master Rune of Steel, Runic Talisman, Master Rune of Spite,

Rundorik has led his Clan for the nigh on two centuries. He is a great believer of the perseverance of Dwarfs, and as such all of the Armour has had Runes added to it to increase the already Legendary Dwarven endurance, he and his Thanes do not believe that a Weapon needs runes to be deadly, as long as you can keep swinging it at your enemy longer than they can swing theirs are you.

Any thoughts or suggestions, as usual feel free to let me know.

Mantic Games Competition

Hi again folks.

Here is me bringing you another competition from an online company.

This time it is Mantic Games.

Mantic Produce a superb collection of minatures. Currently they have Elves, Undead and Dwarves.

The models look nice, and I have read nothing but positive reviews about them. I will also be writing my own review when I get some of the models myself, and that will probably be after my next payday lol.

This competition is to win 80 Dwarf models, all you have to do is follow this link and sign up to their newsletter.

A New Dwarf List

Last week I played a doubles game, 1500 points a side, with me with Wood Elves and our opponents were High Elves. Below is the list I took with me.

Dwarf Lord: Shield, Runic Weapon: Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Cleaving

Runesmith: Shield, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking

Thane: Battle Standard Bearer, Master Rune of Grungi

Dwarf Warriors; (15), Full Command, Shields
Longbeards; (15), Full Command, Shields
Thunderers (10)

Cannon; Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning
Cannon; Rune of Forging

Organ Cannon

This gives me the following Percentages:

Lord: 12.9%
Hero: 19.1%
Core: 33.7%
Special: 17%
Rare: 17.3%

This makes the army nicely legal, and gives me more options than normal. The combat element is a bit more lacking because I have decided to reduce the size of my combat units in favour of a bit more firepower.

This list was used in a Doubles game, with my Dwarves siding with Wood Elves against a Dual High Elf list. We didnt preplan this really, it was just a case of mashing two1500 point armies a side. The Photos below are taken from the couple I managed to snap during the game.

The end result was one of the High Elf Arhmages miscast and died on Turn 1, the other Miscast and Died on Turn 6 (after a cannon ball hit him full in the face). My Dwarf Warrior blocks got slapped around and didnt do as well as I would have liked.

Overall the list felt lacking and while it is awesome to have a Dwarf Lord and two rare choices in 1500 points it does consume some serious points. This list will be getting tweaked around and another posted later this week.

The end result... I am told it was a victory for us... just.

Any suggestions or comments let me know as I look forward to any and all feedback!

Firestorm Armada Competition

So a quick post just to show you some new models I saw on the Firestorm Armada website.

It also involves a competition, where if you are willing to give a go at writing the background from the Marauder faction, and  name their ships then you are in with a chance to win a load of models.

Below are some pictures of these awesome looking new ships.

The Linebreaker Mission Review.

To begin with I was going to write a review of the Battlemissions book. However that would really require me to have played all the scenarios (in my mind at least).

That isnt likely to happen in the immdediate future. So I will do reviews of the missions I do play from the book.

Now the first things first is to lay out what this mission is. Basically it is based around Three Baneblades being dispatched to take out an enemy shield generator, they have to break through the enemy lines to do this.
  • One side has 3 Baneblades.
  •  The Defenders get a 1500 Point Legal Army List
  • The Baneblades have to advance Length Ways down the Board towards one of the short Board Edges. They may deploy no closed than 36" from their intended Target.
  • The Defending side can setup upto 500 points of their army. They get to start at least 18" away from the Baneblades.
  •  The Defending rest of the Defending sides forces arrive from reserve and can come on from the Long Board edges.
  •  The Defenders Get First Turn (no stealing the initative).
  • The Game lasts until all of the Baneblades are off the Table or are destroyed
  • When the game Ends roll a D6, Add 1 for each Baneblade with a Functioning Primary Weapon & Ordnance Weapon.
  • If the Score is 7 or more then the Defenders lose.
Now I managed to get 5 Games of this in during the Week, and in all 5 of those games the Baneblades lost. On 1 Occaision they got 1 Baneblade off the Table and didnt manage to roll the 6 that they needed.

So here are my problems with this scenario. Please bear in mind that GW themselves said that the scenario would not be balanced and was aimed at more just having fun. However this mission is all against the Baneblades, the deployment rules for the Defenders make it very hard to win against them, and also tend to mean that you arent fighting a line to break through.

The 18" Deployment from the Baneblades is my first issue. This basically means a smart opponent can get their Assault elements on the Board from the Get go and can be in close combat with 1 or 2, maybe even all 3 of the Baneblades on turn 1. As the defenders go first this means they hit the Baneblades automatically (melta bombs are excellent in these cases). This can potentially take out a third of your force in one feel swoop...

Three Baneblades deploying across a 48" width is not ideal either as it ends up feeling very cramped, making it alot easier for the Defender to move from one tank to the next.

The Reserves arriving from the Long board edges also doesnt help as they can easily arrive in the Baneblades rear arc early on in the game. This basically negates a lot of the Baneblades advantages.

Drop Pods in this mission are very overpowered. You basically get limited to 500 points of your force gets to deploy at the beginning of the game, plus your Drop Pods.

We introduced some house rules in the latter games that made it alot more enjoyable. They were very simply rules.
  • The Baneblades got First Turn.
  • The game was played on a 6 x 4 board in the normal manner. The Baneblades got a 12" deployment and the Defenders got a 12" deployment.
These two changes made all the difference and the games were a lot more enjoyable for both players, however still the Baneblades chances of Victory seemed slim (and were).

So I have a list of house rules that I suggest people use when playing this mission. The rules in the Battlemissions rulebook do make for an interesting game, mainly for if you want to see how quickly you can destroy 3 Baneblades.

These House rules will mean that the Baneblades actually stand a chance, and that they have to break through a Line... much like the mission name suggests.

The Defender Sets up the terrain in their half of the board.
The opposite half of the board is left empty
The Defender may deploy upto 18" in from their Board Edge
All of the Defenders infantry units get a 4+ cover save until they move. This is from being dug in defending a vital location (I included this incase you dont have any defensive terrain, if you do you can forgoe this rule and just bunker down in trenches, bastions etc).
The Defender must deploy 50% or more of their Kill Points on the table.
Any Kill Points not deployed arrive from the Defenders Board Edge.

At our local store we actually have a lot of Trench terrain and wall sections, all of which make for a very very good looking set of terrain to defend. This also means that the defending force has a line to hold, and the Baneblades have a Line to break through.

I think the other thing to remember is that no matter which set of rules you are using either ones in the rulebook or the ones outlined here the Baneblades are in for a very tough time. They get few options and very little in the way of tailoring. However the 1500 point army is being build to Kill three Baneblades and is likely to be very good at it.

The best option to win this as the Baneblades is to focus on wiping out your enemy out, if you can do that and not lose any Baneblades then its an instant win. If you do lose a Baneblade then you can spend as many turns as you need repairing yourself until you have all your Primary Weapons and Ordnance Weapons up and running.

Overall I dont think that this mission was written to be a linebreaker... it was written to be a fun mission for fighting against Baneblades. My problem is that it is called a Linebreaker... and it should live upto thatm, so I have to give this a 6 / 10. A fun mission but needs tweaking.

Top 10 Changes in new Warhammer

Ok so this is a personnal list of changes, or things that I didnt know or expect from the new rules, and few I have simply highlighted to confirm for others reading this blog.

These are the things that made me go... oh and ah when I read them. Some of them are just useful to know in addition to the wow factor I had.

  1. Impossible Charges; You cannot declare a charge if your unit cannot possible complete it, due to other units in the way, the unit being outwith its maximum range etc.
  2. If the a Charging unit can touch its target, but cannot close the door, then the unit that was charged will align to the charger.
  3. Troops under 25% of their starting size can rally, but only on a roll of double 1.
  4. Fleeing through enemy units results in a Dangerous Terrain test, it does not automatically wipe your unit out.
  5. Bound Spells do not get a bonus to the roll from Wizard Casting levels.
  6. If a unit pursues or overuns into another enemy unit that is also engaged in combat, and that combat has not yet been resolved, then the unit gets to fight again in the same phase. However should they win again, they may not pursue or overun a second time.
  7. In multiple Combats Flank or Rear bonuses can be claimed more than once, but only if you are in the Rear/Flank of 2 Seperate units.
  8. Fast Calvarly get a Vanguard move before the roll off for first turn. In this move they get to move upto 12" (regardless of their movement value). However if you win first turn they cannot charge on your turn 1.
  9. The Special Rule Fight in Extra Ranks is only granted on a turn in which you did not charge.
  10. Terror can only take effect when the Terror causer charges. It causes a Panic check, which if you fail you flee directly away from the Terror causer. So units that are immune to Panic will be immune to Terror.

7th Edition Swangsong Tournament

I have an upcoming tournament, this time at my FLGS, it is 7th Editions Swansong tournament. 10 Players, 2 days and 5 games.

I am using my Dwarfs again, and in an army list that I dont think I will be using in the new edition. I will be sticking to my Standard Gunline, and while I had debated the uses and benefits of many things including an Anvil of Doom this time I will be simply using a modified version of my last tournament 2250 list.

2250 Point Dwarven Host.

Rundorik Dorriksson, Dwarf Lord; Shield Bearers, Great Weapon, Runic Armour with Rune of Preservation, Rune of Stone & Master Rune of Steel, Runic Talisman, Master Rune of Spite,  
Rundorik has led his Clan for the nigh on two centuries. He is a great believer of the perserverance of Dwarfs, and as such all of the Armour has had Runes added to it to increase the already Legendary Dwarven endurance, he and his Thanes do not believe that a Weapon needs runes to be deadly, as long as you can keep swinging it at your enemy longer than they can.

Kalragi, Dragon Slayer, Runic Weapon, Master Rune of Smiting.
Dishonoured while defending a clan hold, very few Dwarves know what force Kalragi onto the path of the Slayer. One of them is Rundorik and he keeps Kalragi close. While not of the Dorriksson clan, Kalragi has turned many a battle with his titanic duels with the creatures the enemy throw at him.

Runesmith Kalin, Master Rune of Balance, Shield.
Kalin had just finished his apprenticeship to the Clans previous Runesmith Gronik. When Gronik fell in defence of his hold, Kalin took up his roll. It is Kalin himself that added the latest Rune to his Lord Rundoriks Armour, proving himself in the eyes of his Lord and Clan.

Thane Alornik Dorriksson, Battle Standard Bearer with Runic Banner, Master Rune of Grungi, Rune of Courage, Rune of Sanctuary
Alornik has been a loyal Thane to his Lord, and has fought by his Lords side against all enemies of the Clan. He carries his Lords banner, rallying fellow Dwarvfs to fight all the harder. The Runes inscribed on the Banner protect Alornik and other near him from the enemies ranged attacks, allowing them to get in close to the enemy.

Clan Dorriksson Longbeards, 18 Longbeards with Shields, Full Command with a Runic Standard with Rune of Courage & Rune of Sanctuary
These Longbeards have served Rundorik since he became the Clan Lord. They served the previous Clan Lord, and depending on how the War goes they could go on to serve the next Clan Lord. They are fearsome warriors who do not flee in the face of their enemy, but stand and fight, defending their Clans lands in the face of impossible odds.

Clan Dorriksson Warriors, 19 Warriors with Shields, Full Command
These brave warriors march to defend their hold, clear in the knowledge that none shall pass without paying dearly.

Dornik's Snipers, 10 Thunderers
Dornik's Marksmen, 10 Thunderers
Dornik is the Engineer that maintains and arms the Thunderers. He has helped train these Dwarfs in the subtle art of using the Rifle effectively, turning them from an untrained mob deadly warrioers at range, peppering the enemy ruthlessly.

Determinations Battery,
Bolt Thrower, Engineer
Bolt Thrower, Engineer

Flying Steel Battery,
Cannon, Rune of Forging
Cannon, Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning
Cannon, Rune of Forging, Rune of Reloading
With Dorniks guidance these cannons were carefully crafted into a Weapons battery which can unleash devastation on the enemy at range, and a hail of damage in close. After many years of bartering and battle Dornik managed to get Runesmith Kalin to inscribe all of them with the runes to make them even more deadly.

Wall of Steel, Organ Cannon
Another Dwarven Weapon of destruction, and one that Dornik paid dearly to learn the craft to make it. This Cannon may be too new to inscribe Runes upon, however it causes an unholy massacre as the enemy closes.

Black Dragon, Gyrocopter.
The Black Dragon is piloted by a Dwarf called Hargin. Hargin drinks more than most Dwarfs and is regularly seen to fly directly into the enemy formation, intent on wreaking confusion and havoc upon them. Rundorik Dorriksson knows the problems that this can cause, and how much it can slow an enemy advance and uses the Black Dragon to effectively stall his opponents advance.

Happy Birthday Varcan Cluster!

So one year on from when I first posted.

In that time there have been:

106 Posts

I now have 23 Followers and have covered off a whole range of topics, from the Dark Angels Successor chapter through to my Hordes Trollbloods.

The blog has evolved since I started writing it, as when I began I only really thought I would be focusing on my Space Marines and Tyranid armies. Now however most of the Marines have been sold, and the Tyranids have been boxed.

The Imperial Guard are my 40K army. I hadnt even played Warhammer in the last year, however the onset of 8th Edition has spurred me on to 14 games in the last 2 months.

Overall I am pretty happy with the Blog, I look forward to the future and whatever random things creep into my mind, and hope that any of my regular readers do as well.

Thanks for all your support, and I hope that at some point I either write something that is useful for you, or at least provokes people's comments and feedback.

The Warhammer trail

A quick update.

In the last two Weeks I have managed another 3 games with my Dwarves, all around planning for a tournament today.

My opponents have been High Elves & Warriors of Chaos twice. With the latter fielding a foot force and a mounted force.

The results:

Won 2
Lost 1

The game I lost was against the mounted force as they just got into my battle lines too quickly.

Anyway, wish me luck for my tournament today, 5 more games of 7th Edition, potentially the last I might play lol. I hope for a fun day, and a top half finish.

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