Happy Birthday Varcan Cluster!

So one year on from when I first posted.

In that time there have been:

106 Posts

I now have 23 Followers and have covered off a whole range of topics, from the Dark Angels Successor chapter through to my Hordes Trollbloods.

The blog has evolved since I started writing it, as when I began I only really thought I would be focusing on my Space Marines and Tyranid armies. Now however most of the Marines have been sold, and the Tyranids have been boxed.

The Imperial Guard are my 40K army. I hadnt even played Warhammer in the last year, however the onset of 8th Edition has spurred me on to 14 games in the last 2 months.

Overall I am pretty happy with the Blog, I look forward to the future and whatever random things creep into my mind, and hope that any of my regular readers do as well.

Thanks for all your support, and I hope that at some point I either write something that is useful for you, or at least provokes people's comments and feedback.


John Lambshead said…
Happy Birthday, I raise a virtual glass.
Kraggi said…
Thank you very much kind sir.
jabberjabber said…
Happy Birthday Varcan Cluster! Has it only been one year? Feels like your blog has been around much longer :)
Kraggi said…
Thank you very much Jabberjabber. The year has certainly flown by lol.