Top 10 Changes in new Warhammer

Ok so this is a personnal list of changes, or things that I didnt know or expect from the new rules, and few I have simply highlighted to confirm for others reading this blog.

These are the things that made me go... oh and ah when I read them. Some of them are just useful to know in addition to the wow factor I had.

  1. Impossible Charges; You cannot declare a charge if your unit cannot possible complete it, due to other units in the way, the unit being outwith its maximum range etc.
  2. If the a Charging unit can touch its target, but cannot close the door, then the unit that was charged will align to the charger.
  3. Troops under 25% of their starting size can rally, but only on a roll of double 1.
  4. Fleeing through enemy units results in a Dangerous Terrain test, it does not automatically wipe your unit out.
  5. Bound Spells do not get a bonus to the roll from Wizard Casting levels.
  6. If a unit pursues or overuns into another enemy unit that is also engaged in combat, and that combat has not yet been resolved, then the unit gets to fight again in the same phase. However should they win again, they may not pursue or overun a second time.
  7. In multiple Combats Flank or Rear bonuses can be claimed more than once, but only if you are in the Rear/Flank of 2 Seperate units.
  8. Fast Calvarly get a Vanguard move before the roll off for first turn. In this move they get to move upto 12" (regardless of their movement value). However if you win first turn they cannot charge on your turn 1.
  9. The Special Rule Fight in Extra Ranks is only granted on a turn in which you did not charge.
  10. Terror can only take effect when the Terror causer charges. It causes a Panic check, which if you fail you flee directly away from the Terror causer. So units that are immune to Panic will be immune to Terror.