A New Dwarf List

Last week I played a doubles game, 1500 points a side, with me with Wood Elves and our opponents were High Elves. Below is the list I took with me.

Dwarf Lord: Shield, Runic Weapon: Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Cleaving

Runesmith: Shield, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking

Thane: Battle Standard Bearer, Master Rune of Grungi

Dwarf Warriors; (15), Full Command, Shields
Longbeards; (15), Full Command, Shields
Thunderers (10)

Cannon; Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning
Cannon; Rune of Forging

Organ Cannon

This gives me the following Percentages:

Lord: 12.9%
Hero: 19.1%
Core: 33.7%
Special: 17%
Rare: 17.3%

This makes the army nicely legal, and gives me more options than normal. The combat element is a bit more lacking because I have decided to reduce the size of my combat units in favour of a bit more firepower.

This list was used in a Doubles game, with my Dwarves siding with Wood Elves against a Dual High Elf list. We didnt preplan this really, it was just a case of mashing two1500 point armies a side. The Photos below are taken from the couple I managed to snap during the game.

The end result was one of the High Elf Arhmages miscast and died on Turn 1, the other Miscast and Died on Turn 6 (after a cannon ball hit him full in the face). My Dwarf Warrior blocks got slapped around and didnt do as well as I would have liked.

Overall the list felt lacking and while it is awesome to have a Dwarf Lord and two rare choices in 1500 points it does consume some serious points. This list will be getting tweaked around and another posted later this week.

The end result... I am told it was a victory for us... just.

Any suggestions or comments let me know as I look forward to any and all feedback!