7th Edition Swangsong Tournament

I have an upcoming tournament, this time at my FLGS, it is 7th Editions Swansong tournament. 10 Players, 2 days and 5 games.

I am using my Dwarfs again, and in an army list that I dont think I will be using in the new edition. I will be sticking to my Standard Gunline, and while I had debated the uses and benefits of many things including an Anvil of Doom this time I will be simply using a modified version of my last tournament 2250 list.

2250 Point Dwarven Host.

Rundorik Dorriksson, Dwarf Lord; Shield Bearers, Great Weapon, Runic Armour with Rune of Preservation, Rune of Stone & Master Rune of Steel, Runic Talisman, Master Rune of Spite,  
Rundorik has led his Clan for the nigh on two centuries. He is a great believer of the perserverance of Dwarfs, and as such all of the Armour has had Runes added to it to increase the already Legendary Dwarven endurance, he and his Thanes do not believe that a Weapon needs runes to be deadly, as long as you can keep swinging it at your enemy longer than they can.

Kalragi, Dragon Slayer, Runic Weapon, Master Rune of Smiting.
Dishonoured while defending a clan hold, very few Dwarves know what force Kalragi onto the path of the Slayer. One of them is Rundorik and he keeps Kalragi close. While not of the Dorriksson clan, Kalragi has turned many a battle with his titanic duels with the creatures the enemy throw at him.

Runesmith Kalin, Master Rune of Balance, Shield.
Kalin had just finished his apprenticeship to the Clans previous Runesmith Gronik. When Gronik fell in defence of his hold, Kalin took up his roll. It is Kalin himself that added the latest Rune to his Lord Rundoriks Armour, proving himself in the eyes of his Lord and Clan.

Thane Alornik Dorriksson, Battle Standard Bearer with Runic Banner, Master Rune of Grungi, Rune of Courage, Rune of Sanctuary
Alornik has been a loyal Thane to his Lord, and has fought by his Lords side against all enemies of the Clan. He carries his Lords banner, rallying fellow Dwarvfs to fight all the harder. The Runes inscribed on the Banner protect Alornik and other near him from the enemies ranged attacks, allowing them to get in close to the enemy.

Clan Dorriksson Longbeards, 18 Longbeards with Shields, Full Command with a Runic Standard with Rune of Courage & Rune of Sanctuary
These Longbeards have served Rundorik since he became the Clan Lord. They served the previous Clan Lord, and depending on how the War goes they could go on to serve the next Clan Lord. They are fearsome warriors who do not flee in the face of their enemy, but stand and fight, defending their Clans lands in the face of impossible odds.

Clan Dorriksson Warriors, 19 Warriors with Shields, Full Command
These brave warriors march to defend their hold, clear in the knowledge that none shall pass without paying dearly.

Dornik's Snipers, 10 Thunderers
Dornik's Marksmen, 10 Thunderers
Dornik is the Engineer that maintains and arms the Thunderers. He has helped train these Dwarfs in the subtle art of using the Rifle effectively, turning them from an untrained mob deadly warrioers at range, peppering the enemy ruthlessly.

Determinations Battery,
Bolt Thrower, Engineer
Bolt Thrower, Engineer

Flying Steel Battery,
Cannon, Rune of Forging
Cannon, Rune of Forging, Rune of Burning
Cannon, Rune of Forging, Rune of Reloading
With Dorniks guidance these cannons were carefully crafted into a Weapons battery which can unleash devastation on the enemy at range, and a hail of damage in close. After many years of bartering and battle Dornik managed to get Runesmith Kalin to inscribe all of them with the runes to make them even more deadly.

Wall of Steel, Organ Cannon
Another Dwarven Weapon of destruction, and one that Dornik paid dearly to learn the craft to make it. This Cannon may be too new to inscribe Runes upon, however it causes an unholy massacre as the enemy closes.

Black Dragon, Gyrocopter.
The Black Dragon is piloted by a Dwarf called Hargin. Hargin drinks more than most Dwarfs and is regularly seen to fly directly into the enemy formation, intent on wreaking confusion and havoc upon them. Rundorik Dorriksson knows the problems that this can cause, and how much it can slow an enemy advance and uses the Black Dragon to effectively stall his opponents advance.