Lords & Heroes - More Characterful?

I think that giving names and backgrounds to your Characters helps you feel attached to them, and while in normal Games of Warhammer you cannot gain ‘experience’ in the same way as systems like Mordhiem, if you are able to resist the urge to deck your Character out from the offset, then you can still build the character up as the battles go on, even if all it is by simply increasing the Magic / Runic items that you are willing to give them.

So to test my theory… I am going to call on Rundorik Dorriksson, the Dwarf Lord of the Dorriksson clan who live under the Grey Mountains.

He has seen a lot of action recently, and this is what leads me to name him. His recent campaigns lead him into the 7th Edition Swansong Tournament where he performed admirably in each of the games, well except against the High Elves (but we are sort of ignoring that).

He did ‘die’ or ‘fall in battle’ twice, once against a Daemons of Chaos force, and once against the High Elves.

What I intend to do is give my Characters a set number of ‘Lives’ this will equal their Wounds characteristic. Each time the Character ‘dies’ in a game he will lose a life. Once he has lost all of his lives he must pass a toughness test after each subsequent death. If he fails this test then he is dead. Now with a Dwarf it does give them a good staying power, however knowing my luck Rundorik will be dead after his fourth in game death.

When a Character of mine dies I will promote one of my other Characters to fill in the gap, so one of my Thanes will step up to be the Clanlord. His weapons and equipment will move with him and I will have a new Lord to do battle with.

I am planning to start following this strategy with the Launch of 8th Edition, and hopefully Dorriksson will survive many battles, however should he fall there will be a Thane waiting in the Wings to lead the Clan.

I currently have a name and a Runic Item loadout for each of my Characters, however I do intend to try any replacement Characters in at least one game with very minimal Runic Items.

The View I am taking on it is that the Runesmith is unwilling to make Runic Items for untested Dwarves and will reserve judgement until they have been tried.

Obviously a replacement Runesmith has the advantage that they don’t need to get someone one else to create their items, so Runic items for them will always be available.

So in summary:

  1. Each Character Currently in the Army has a number of Lives equal to their Wounds
  2. Each time a Character is killed in a game they will lose a Life
  3. When they reach 0 Lives they must pass a Toughness Test or else the die Permanently.
I will keep you informed of Rundoriks Dorrikssons lives and his achievements, once he has set the bar, I will know what to expect from the next Dwarf Lord.

So here is the current information on Rundorik Dorriksson;

Rundorik Dorriksson, Dwarf Lord; Shield Bearers, Great Weapon, Runic Armour with Rune of Preservation, Rune of Stone & Master Rune of Steel, Runic Talisman, Master Rune of Spite,

Rundorik has led his Clan for the nigh on two centuries. He is a great believer of the perseverance of Dwarfs, and as such all of the Armour has had Runes added to it to increase the already Legendary Dwarven endurance, he and his Thanes do not believe that a Weapon needs runes to be deadly, as long as you can keep swinging it at your enemy longer than they can swing theirs are you.

Any thoughts or suggestions, as usual feel free to let me know.