Ultramarines Gallery Updated

Updated 13th December 2018

Some quick game played stats with my Ultramarines

Pure Ultramarine Games: 30
Games with Allies: 5

Below is a picture of each of my completed models (since 8th Edition Release), you can click on the image to go to the related article showing you more pictures and any comments I may have made. 

If the link isn't present it probably means that the article is planned and scheduled, and I will get it updated as quickly as I can!

I will also do my best to keep track of how often each unit type gets used, so if nothing else I can try and make sure I get games with all my models this edition!

I will also look to update this with the squad markings as I am close (so very close) to a full company of Ultramarines, 2nd Company to be specific! But it also means that I am going to start delving into another company with the spare guys I don't need more of in 2nd Company. 

Roboute Guilliman - Lord of War Games Used - 8

Just before his price increase came in I took Guilliman to play at the Grand Tournament in Nottingham. He helped, he certainly helped a chunk, although I still need to figure out if the 360, now 385 points are actually worth it as I can do almost the same thing for 150, which isnt a bad saving! 

Eight games in and I lost Guilliman for the first time against Deathguard... he survived everything else that had been thrown at him but a lone Daemon Prince laid him low!

Chapter Master - HQ - Games Used 12

The Chapter Master upgrade worked nicely on him, he did not really shoot his gun, or use his axe (by choice at least), so I need to figure out if the best build for him is as minimal weapons as possible to make him cheap, and then keep him hidden. As a side note his smaller base size doesnt play as well to him being a chapter master as a Terminator captain or Primaris captain.

Chapter Master / Lieutenant / Captain - HQ - Games Used 0

This guy is converted from the Limited Edition Standard Bearer, he was initially built up to lead my 30k forces as a Centurion / Praetor, and has the Legate Axe equipped. The Helmet is from the the 40k Ultramarines upgrade sprue. While I haven't managed to fit him into my 40k army yet I look forward to getting to use him! 

Chief Librarian Tigurius - HQ - Games Used 1

He didn't have a great game, I forgot his -1 to hit one of my units in the opening turn, which didn't help, then failed to stop or cast any psychic powers after the Tyrannid Hive Tyrant was within 12" of him... better luck next time (I hope!)

Lieutenants - HQ - Games Used 10

Helped me fill out a Supreme command detachment for +1 command point, and their plasma had its uses. As a cheaper, more versatile option than Primaris Lieutenants I can see these guys being used more and more moving forward. 

Captain in Gravis Armour - HQ Games Used - 2

Again only used in one game against the T'au where he held his own, but much more research is required, I feel he is a little expensive and lacking in options, which is part of the challenge of fitting him into a list I can use. Made his second game towards the end of 2018, as a promoted Chapter Master he help the Ultramarines bring low a Word Bearer force, including heroically leading his command team into combat with the Daemon Prince

Librarian - HQ - Games Used 16

My Librarian, painted so quickly, and useful in his first game, almost worthwhile in his second before killing himself in my third game. Having now played him in 15 games, I do think he is worth while his buffs can make a big difference (pushing the Spartan / Repulsor to T9 is actually pretty big!), his price drop in Chapter approved helps too!

Primaris Ancient - Elite - Games Used 2
This guy might only have featured in two of my games, but that is because such a large percentage of my points are now invested in non infantry models. When I get round to getting more games in with my Devastators & Hellblasters this guy will definitely see the table top! Brought him back with a more infantry heavy approach, ended up only in range of the Hellblasters and still totally worth it. 

Sternguard Squad Alpha Games Played: 1

Arrived via drop pod, supported by a Chapter master, with another Sternguard squad in support and 5 Inceptors, these guys were interesting and did a good job, something to keep an eye on moving forward. Convinced I need a fourth unit now armed only with Storm Bolters! The Plasma guns overheated killing their bearers, to be expected with my dice!

Sternguard Squad Beta Games Played: 1

Similar to Alpha, introduced in the same game to give me a mobile threatening force at range, it worked out even if my positioning was off! 

Tartaros Terminator Squad Games Played: 1

These guys have finally made it to the table top, and should finally see some more action as part of my deep threat approach of getting things into the enemy back line, I can see them getting some more use with some slightly better planning! 

Relic Sicaran Battle Tank: Games Used: 3

Love this guy, I dont use him anywhere as much as I should, but everytime I do he delivers, and whenever I face one its a royal pain in the backside. If you want a FW tank, I think the Sicaran is a lovely model to start with. 

Intercessor Squad Alpha - Games Used 3 (just an Intercessor Squad)
Intercessor Squad Beta
The Intercessors (Alpha & Beta) continue to impress me, as I figure out their best uses, their fire at longer range with that -1 helps massively, and at shorter range they can do some truly impressive damage for their squad size. Still my go to in Primaris heavy armies, although I may be looking at combining them and brining in a unit of Stalker bolt rifles. 

Intercessor Squad Gamma - Games Used - 15
I completed these guys for the Grand Tournament Heat 2, since then they have racked up 14 games for me, and i have to say i am liking the Auto-Boltrifle. The extra shots at 24", plus the ability to run and still shoot works really well, giving you a decent amount of movement and flexibility! These guys have been run out for another 6 games, although only in combat squad strength. Still impressing me for their points. 

Scout Squad Alpha - Games Used 13

Twelve games in with my Scouts and they are beginning to grow on me, their ability to mortal wound a six is a definite boon, and with Guilliman allowing full re-rolls they are actually pretty scary vs tougher units for just chipping away their wounds.

Still struggling to justify the cost of these guys, although i love how they look, something I will be keeping an eye on going forward!

I think that looking at updating these guys so that I have another squad with just boltguns for area denial is something I need to consider as well! 

Tactical Squad - Games Used 11

These guys still have their place, while they don't have the survivability of their Intercessor brethren they do have a wider range of options to help them perform well! 

Primaris Lieutenants Games Used - 11

I have had Primaris Lieutenants in lots of my games and they always feel like they add value to the army. At 74 points these guys don't have to do a lot to make the difference. The one with Power sword is my preference as he tends to get up close and personal and always lasts longer than I expect!

Hellblaster Squad - Heavy Support Games Used - 12
After a rocky start, these guys have just gotten better and better. Overcharging continues to impress, whether thats for damage output, or for me to kill a model on overwatch and deny the charge that was intended with them. 

Inceptors - Fast Attack - Games Used - 7

These guys were middle of the road in the 5 games I have used them, at their best they arrived and flattened a soft target to help me get First Blood, and maybe got a bit of extra shooting in, but inevitably they were dead by turn 3 at the latest... last game these guys landed, nabbed me some VP's for Maelstrom & Ascension. All in all did a great job for me! 

Contemptor Dreadnoughts - Elite - Games Used - 3

Third game with a Contemptor, same issue as before, died early (turn 2) and struggled to justify his points. This trio has recently been split up as I now have two Mortis Contemptors converted out of these guys...

Predator - Heavy Support - Games Used - 6

Cheap, puts out some decent shots, I just struggle to get him in the list as he can't move and shoot without penalty, but not as squishy as 5 marines in cover! 

Two Kheres Assault Cannons - Games Used - 2
Two Twin Lascannons - Games Used - 1

These guys are growing on me as a mobile weapons platform, certainly as cheaper alternatives to say a Landraider or Spartan. 

More games are required to check they are performing how I want, but the future is pretty bright for them with their 10" move! 

Devastator Squad - Games Used  10

These guys continue to be flexible with their weapon choices, and provided a decent threat vs the things that I needed them to (several times my Frag shots rolled up the 16+ volume which was nice!)

Landraider - Dominatus - Games Used - 15

The Landraider has managed to get on the field now in something like 15 times, and everytime bar one it has been worth its points, the one time it wasnt it got whacked by a Predator Annhilator & another Landraider. These are expensive but they can dominate the battlefield! Although the Repulsor is looking like a cheaper and potentially more flexibile option...

Spartan Assault Tank - Maccragres Honour - Games Used - 16

So the Spartan has taken to the field for me in 16 games so far, once used along side Guilliman, and three times at Firestorm and five times at Rapid Fire. Its a beast, it can take a pounding and in the list I use it in, its not the only T8 target for my enemies to target. Absolutely love it! Having said all the above, turning up to the Grand Tournament with this boy on the table and a Repulsor he is dying pretty quickly, I don't think he last past round 2 in any of my games. It might be time to retire him and see what alternative options there are.

Repulsor Grav Tank - Avalanche - Games Used - 16
Man of the match in 4 of the 5 games at Rapid Fire, vs enemy of the match in a friendly game. For Man of the Match he took 12 wounds off Magnus, and then Magnus decided he wouldn't charge the Repulsor. In another game he accounted for 6 of my 11 Victory points. Seriously, the firepower this throws out is terrifying! Didnt perform quite as well at the Grand Tournament, but definitely gave my opponents pause for thought once they saw what it could do! 

This guy is a regular in my games, and now I have a second one, although that is going to be a different build moving forward.