Grand Tournament 2018

So with 2018 on its way, its time to consider what next for my hobby.

And one of the biggest things is going to be the Grand Tournament Final for May this year. 

I need to consider my army list and see what I might want to tweak or change going ahead. 

Below are the quick battle reports of the games I played.

Game 1 - Ad Mech
Game 2 - Ad Mech
Game 3 - Tzeentch Daemons
Game 4 - Aeldari
Game 5 - Ultramarines

I already know that I am looking at swapping out my Librarian with Tigurius, and in a lot of ways that justifies keeping the Spartan in and his -1 to hit bonus is going to help the Spartan out a fair old chunk.

Its just a case of what else should I include in that list?

I have some Mortis Contemptors converted up now, so it might be nice to use them as well (they have that all important inv save to keep them alive too!)

Guilliman is probably a sho in again, although it might be nice to take this list without Guilliman and see what we can do from there!