Grand Tournament Round 1 - Ad Mech

Game 1 vs Ad Mech

As they weren't using any modifications to who went first at the GT, I went first in this game with my minimum deployment of 3, although I spread it out a little.

His list can be seen below:

And below you can see our pre first turn setup.

I was feeling pretty confident about this match going into it, although it was only my third game with Guilliman and second with this actual list.

My opponent Luke didn't seize, and my shooting allowed me to grab first blood and kill one of his Dunecrawlers. That is that between 8 Lascannons & 6 Rocket Launchers that focussed exclusively on his Dunecrawlers I managed to kill one.. and do no wounds to the other. 

I did manage to wipe out a unit of Skitari on his left flank, it wasn't the worst start to the game, but it wasnt that far off. 

His response was to outright kill the Spartan (his first Dune Onager knocked 15 wounds off with three hits from his Neutron Laser... had I killed another Dunecrawler I wouldnt have lost the Spartan the way I did, and realistically could have challenged a little more effectively. 

He also wiped out my Scouts in that opening turn and I managed to fail to case Might of Heroes, which again would have increased the Spartan's odds of living! 

In the latter turns I managed to swing my Intercessors across into his Skitari from the Repulsor before it too was destroy by Neutron Lasers. 

By the end of Turn 4 I had my Librarian & Guilliman left alive, and I managed between the two of them to knock the Imperial Knight down, this inadvertently left Guilliman in range of his mech's, who took 6 wounds off him, not enough to kill him though! 

This was a humbling opening game as I struggled with my shot allocation. In the longer term I probably should have focussed everything on his Battle Robots, in the opening turn I might have been able to knock down several of them, reducing his effectiveness, although my game plan had been:

4 Lascannons into one Dunecrawler
4 Lascannons into another Dunecrawler
6 Rockets into another Dunecrawler (3 did not have Guillimans re-rolls).

Between all of that I expect to cripple or destroy all three of them, however in the end I killed one, and didnt damage the other, and that poor dice rolling from me (with re-rolls) coupled with excellent armour saves from Luke meant that I lost my main threat in Turn 1, and was fighting an uphill battle from there on. 

Better luck next time! 

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