Grand Tournament Round 5 vs Ultramarines

My opponents list ran to the tune of:

Culexus Assassin
5 Hellblasters with Assault Plasma Incinerators
5 Devastators with 2 x Lascannon & 2 x Grav Cannon
5 Intercessors
5 Intercessors
10 Scouts
Primaris Ancient with Relic Banner
3 Aggressors with Boltstorm Gauntlets
3 Aggressors with Boltstorm Gauntlets

On paper this looked like an interesting match up for me. With 13 drops, I was always likely to be going first outside of him stealing, which he didn't.

In my opening turn I toasted his Stormraven, 2 wounds off the ancient, his Hellblaster Squad, 3 devastators and 7 scouts and a unit of Aggressors

His return fire killed two devastator marines (from the ancient).

His turn had him advance, and put 10 wounds on the Spartan, by comparison, not enough to really slow down my rate of fire, I save 19 of 20 wounds on a 3+ armour save - saying a lot about how my luck flipped for this one. 

My next turn had me move up my Hellblasters (mainly as a charge break, while the Spartan and Repulser backed off. 

My shooting phase killed his other unit of Aggressors one of Intercessor Squads, his Ancient and remaining Devastator marines and his Librarian, leaving him with Telion, Guilliman and Apothecary, 1 Scout and Intercessor marines (and the Culexus holding his objective). 

His following turn had him move up, put another two wounds on the Spartan reducing it to its second damage tier, 1 Hellblaster died, but no other damage for me that turn from shooting. He charged Telion into my Hellblasters hoping to draw fire, I overcharged my Hellblasters and killed three of them preventing Telions charge, when Guilliman declared, I overheated again and lost my last one to overheating... much to my opponents annoyance.

My shooting phase put down Telion, his remaining Intercessors and Guilliman... who unfortunately got back up with two wounds (this was after all my shooting!).

In his turn his shooting killed two of my Intercessors, before he failed his charge with Guilliman and his Apothecary (who had moved up in front). 

This turn I advanced Guilliman out, my Librarian dropped the Apothecary (with a Periled 12 on smite), while the Snipers killed Guilliman with Mortal wounds. The final scout died to Guillimans fury (at missing out killing the imposter Guilliman of course!).

The final two turns cost me my Intercessor squad that was going after the Culexus, however the Repulser managed to put 6 wounds on the Culexus of which he failed 5 saves, although passed the last one with his command re-roll.

The game ended on turn 6 giving me a crushing victory (and making me feel bad for how efficiently my army had done its job. 

Overall 36th spot out of 86 players (although only 72 returned for the final day). 3 Wins, 2 Losses and an invitation to the final at Warhammer fest in May! 

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