Grand Tournament Round 2 vs Ad Mech

Game 2 vs Ad Mech

Against Mitch and potentially the only other Ad Mech player, I once again went first and this time it was down to kill points.

His army:

My opening game  turn went well with me killing two Dune Onagers, and when the second one exploded snagging the Tech Priest (that my scouts had wounded), and the remainder of one of his units of Skitari, giving me a solid 5 VP's from the off.

Despite his losses in his first turn of shooting he knocked the Spartan down to 1 wound, although it did take most of his shooting.

I kept pecking away at units adding another three (his striders and two more units of Vanguard guys kill points to my tally in turn 2, before his turn 2 arrived and he claimed the Spartan and my scout squad and a devastator squad, plus my unit of Intercessors.

Round 3 for me and I started to stop being able to kill things as effectively, especially with his Culexus assassin closing in on my Librarian.

The game was consistent for him knocking down my units from there on, with my finishing with a Repulser, Guillima and one devastator, which couple with him getting line breaker (Which offset my first blood) meant he had 6 kill points to my 8, a narrow victory but a victory never the less.

It was a great game, close and not a landslide, and I was definately helped by the exploding Dunecrawler in this game! 

My plan worked well in the opening round and the Scouts proved their worth, re-rolling wounds gives more mortal wounds and does mean the Scouts really should be shooting at the units with a higher toughness if they have Guilliman to help boost the chances of those 6's coming up! 

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