Grand Tournament Round 3 vs Tzeentch

Game 3 vs Tzeentch.

I was playing against the big forge world chicken and setup accordingly with everything in range of Guilliman and everything in line of sight to his chicken.

His list consisted of something like:

Big Chicken
Blue Scribes
Daemon Prince
10 Exalted Flamers
40-50 Brimstone Horrors (ish)

Our mission was relic so the scouts jumped on it in deployment.

My first turn saw me cause 4 wounds to a brimstone unit, and 21 wounds to the big blue chicken. I didn't get first blood, but was running the hell away with the Relic.

His shooting popped the Repulsor and Intercessors, plus all bar one of my scouts (that big chicken really can fire out a helluva lot of shots!)

In the following turn I killed his chicken, who exploded, 6" and in doing so killed four exalted flamers for me, around 20 brimstones from his four unit, and then my rocket launchers managed to flatten the rest of his 20 man unit.

In the following turn his shooting failed him only plinking 8 wounds of the spartan (inlcuding a dp charging it), before in my third turn I burned another two exalted, his daemon prince, and his Changling in combat with Guilliman.

At this point my opponent conceded with Slay the Warlord, and him running out of models he went and grabbed us both a drink at the bar (where I returned the favour on the next round!)

A quick Victory against a potentially scary opponent, I was happy with how this worked, but it really did take 2,000 points of shooting (twice) at his Chicken to kill it, so the points cost it got is very welcome in my view (although probably more than doubling its already 700 points might have been a bit much!).