Winter War 2016 - The Review (Game 1 vs Khorne Daemonkin)

So my first tournament at 40k for a good few years, three games, limited funds & models.. how do you think I did?

Well the answer is.....

Warmachine, Convergence of Cyriss - Forge Master Syntherion

The only Warcaster I own for the Convergence so far, needs a friend to take over when I want to give him a rest, and yes he was missing half of his arm when I got him, so he ended up half assembled! 

Forge world Knight Titan - wow

Loving the new community site from GW so far, you can find the full details (as limited as they currently are) here

Love the look of this guy, very much hope I can swing the money together to pick it up one day! 

Warmachine, Convergence of Cyriss - Galvanizer

The second of my Warmachine Light Warjacks, he doesnt always get into combat quickly, but he does draw some fire from my other models while he charges forward! 

Halo Fleet Battles - UNSC

The assembled models for the USNC faction for Halo Fleet battles from my Demo kit... still a chunk of work to go on them at this point, but at least they are all on their bases! 

Ultramarines Army List 1850 Points

A recent hiccup hinted at in my last post has forced me to change my army for the upcoming Winter War 2016 tournament.

I basically wont receive the Tanks I needed to build until the night before the tournament, and being unable to build the models in doors (due to small children and the glue smell) it means that my plans have had to change. 

The impact is that instead of having a Devastator Squad, Cataphrattci Terminator Captian & Two Stalkers & a Hunter I will instead be replacing them with:

Space Marine Captain
Devastator Centurion Squad with a Landraider Dedicated Transport

It drops the number of models for me to paint from 14 to 5, which is an unexpected bonus, but it also eliminates my Anti- Air defences, which may or may not prove decisive. 

On the plus side my entire army fits into a Demi-Battle Company now, which means the Landraider has Objective secured, although I am rarely keen on the number of points sunk into these behemoths I can hope this twist of fate will help me out in my games (as it does mean I am bringing 4 Lascannons, 2 Rocket Launchers, 2 Heavy Bolters & a Hurricane Bolter to the table that I would not have.

The comparison is that the previous force would have brought 4 Rocket Launchers, and a load of Anti-Air. 

So my new list is:

Captain - Power Sword & Combi-Weapon
Command Squad (5 Plasma Guns) + Drop Pod
Contemptor Dreadnoughts (2 Strong, Khere's Assault Cannon)
Tactical Squad (Plasma Gun + Rocket Launcher)
Tactical Squad (Flamer + Rocket Launcher) + Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (Flamer + Heavy Bolter) + Drop Pod
Assault Bike Squad (3 Strong, Multi-Melta)
Devastator Centurion Squad (3 Strong, 2 Lascannons, 2 Rocket Launchers, 1 Heavy Bolter, 1 Hurricane Bolter) + Landraider

It comes in at 1850 points

Another variation that I have looked at is to drop out an Assault Bike and tweak the list to squeeze in another Centurion with Heavy Bolters to boost my long ranged firepower, we shall see if I think picking up another unit of Centurions is the right way to go or not though! 

Not as happy with this list as I was before, but I guess we will see if it can do the job on Saturday! 

Winter War - The progess

A sick child and new Xbox One games (damn you Titanfall 2 & Battlefield 1) have slowed my progress here. 

A quick update on the models that need painting / finishing.

Main Units

Tactical Squad Alpha - Painted, Plasma Gun & Rocket Launcher Included - Sergeant might need to be replaced due to a lack of points for his power fist! 

Tactical Squad Beta - Needs Guns gluing and Nuln Oil Wash + Basing to be completed - Sergeant also likely to need replacing due to his power fist! 

Tactical Squad Gamma - Needs Guns Gluing and Nuln Oil Wash + Basing to be completed, plus the Heavy Bolter needs highlighting & trim adding.

Command Squad - Needs Highlighting & Trim completing, then a wash & base

Contemptor Dreadnoughts - Both models painted, one needs basing

Attack Bikes - 1 Model finished, 2 need Nuln Oil wash, then all three need basing

Space Marine Captain - Needs highlighting, metal & trim adding to him (may end up being a Cataphratttci Terminator captain, however still due to finalising)

Devastator Squad - Not confirmed to be in the army yet, unit requires trim, wash & metal sorting out + guns attaching

Devastator Centurion Squad - Needs Trim + Metal + Detail + Wash + Basing - these guys will only be in if the Devastator Squad is dropped. 

Stalkers x 2 - Currently not arrived at my local Shop - not even assembled!

Hunter x 1 - Currently not arrived at my local shop - not even assembled! 

Dedicated Transports

Drop Pod Alpha - Assembled, needs highlighting + wash + detail

Drop Pod Beta - Partial Assembled

Drop Pod Gamma - assembly started

Landraider (only used if Hunters & Stalkers do not arrive) - Second coat of blue paint application begun).

In Summary

Oh dear oh dear... its going to be a busy week of painting to get this completed for 9am Saturday Morning! 

Halo Fleet Battles Assembly Covenant

Some quick snaps of the model sprues from Halo Fleet battles & the assembled models.

Warmachine, Convergence of Cyriss - Mitigator

Another fun moel to paint and glue (well maybe not the gluing bit), my Light Warjack for the Convergence! 

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