Ultramarines Army List 1850 Points

A recent hiccup hinted at in my last post has forced me to change my army for the upcoming Winter War 2016 tournament.

I basically wont receive the Tanks I needed to build until the night before the tournament, and being unable to build the models in doors (due to small children and the glue smell) it means that my plans have had to change. 

The impact is that instead of having a Devastator Squad, Cataphrattci Terminator Captian & Two Stalkers & a Hunter I will instead be replacing them with:

Space Marine Captain
Devastator Centurion Squad with a Landraider Dedicated Transport

It drops the number of models for me to paint from 14 to 5, which is an unexpected bonus, but it also eliminates my Anti- Air defences, which may or may not prove decisive. 

On the plus side my entire army fits into a Demi-Battle Company now, which means the Landraider has Objective secured, although I am rarely keen on the number of points sunk into these behemoths I can hope this twist of fate will help me out in my games (as it does mean I am bringing 4 Lascannons, 2 Rocket Launchers, 2 Heavy Bolters & a Hurricane Bolter to the table that I would not have.

The comparison is that the previous force would have brought 4 Rocket Launchers, and a load of Anti-Air. 

So my new list is:

Captain - Power Sword & Combi-Weapon
Command Squad (5 Plasma Guns) + Drop Pod
Contemptor Dreadnoughts (2 Strong, Khere's Assault Cannon)
Tactical Squad (Plasma Gun + Rocket Launcher)
Tactical Squad (Flamer + Rocket Launcher) + Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (Flamer + Heavy Bolter) + Drop Pod
Assault Bike Squad (3 Strong, Multi-Melta)
Devastator Centurion Squad (3 Strong, 2 Lascannons, 2 Rocket Launchers, 1 Heavy Bolter, 1 Hurricane Bolter) + Landraider

It comes in at 1850 points

Another variation that I have looked at is to drop out an Assault Bike and tweak the list to squeeze in another Centurion with Heavy Bolters to boost my long ranged firepower, we shall see if I think picking up another unit of Centurions is the right way to go or not though! 

Not as happy with this list as I was before, but I guess we will see if it can do the job on Saturday!